Friday, December 18, 2015

Ugly Sweater Pin

I am sure that I am not the only one with kids who wait until the last minute to tell us they need something the next day. Take for instance this last week before school lets out for Winter brake...All week the school planned for days like, Christmas sock day, pajama day and ugly sweater day...
So we looked at some stores but the sweaters weren't really ugly and at 25.00 and up I didn't think it was worth it, we found some vulgar sweaters not suitable for my girls and then the obnoxious ones were 40.00 and up - so no thank you not for one day of one mom, that's me, decided to find a sweater at the Thrift store my go to spot for DIY projects.
Found this bright green sweater in the women's section and took it home. Then pulled out a bunch of different do-dads I had at home so she could decide how she wanted to put it together.

I was thinking we were going for AN UGLY SWEATER but she had a different idea. She looked on PINTEREST and found one she liked and she designed the reindeer cut it out and I glued all the stuff down, because I was using Hot glue...and here is what she made

Here is the crafty genius in her new sweater...which she wore on Thursday

Her older sister liked it so much she wore it to school today.

Goes to show that a little creativity can go a long way!!!
I'll be sharing this at the following parties:
 Happy Holidays and here's hoping your creativity is in high gear this Holiday.

Friday, December 4, 2015

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Every year I try and come up with some fun new ideas for handmade by ME Christmas ornaments and this year not only did I make my 2015 Snowman ornie is but I came up with some more simple ornies and one I found on Pinterest.

Here is my 2015 snowman ornament - cute right?

These are relatively easy to make and make great gift toppers.

Here's the first:

I found a huge bag of shower curtain rings at he thrift store and thought they made cute wreath shapes best part was they came with mini gold hanger loops - so for these all I did was wrap pretty silky yarn around them and then added some sweet felt flowers I made. Now they could go on a gift along with a tag and then kept to add to their tree - great gift idea! 

This next one I found on Pinterest and this is my version:

Once again I found a bunch of grapevine wreaths at a boutique and bought them to make "something"  with - so I found this cute image and did something's differently...used some lace and then hand wrote on the banner and fell totally in love with this cute ornament. 

I'm all about the nativity and Baby Jesus this year as I was with Frida anyway I also made these larger ornaments or gifts as they could be a bit big to add to the tree but awesome none the less!!!

Corks are so easy to find - if you like wine that is!!! Wink wink - in case you are wondering I used some stiff wire to thread the corks and bells onto then twisted into a circle and added a burlap bow and hemp hanger and ta-da done and oh so sweet!!!

I am partial to all things handmade so I think anyone that receives a handmade ornament would be so delighted and you'd be their new best friend!!!! Lucky you....

Happy crafting...

In case you are in need of a you the ornaments found here head on over to my etsy shop and pick them up onecraftymess is my store name.