Friday, February 26, 2016

sweet new album

Check out this sweet album that I just finished up using new papers and embellishments by Dear Lizzy the Fine and Dandy collection. I gotta tell you that I fell in LOVE with these papers as soon as I saw them. They are happy and scattered and the embellishments are super fun too. 

I mean how cute is the cover?

Inside pages

These pages are just too fun and sweet and - well - I can't stand it.

Remember a few posts back when I said that I always by the the whole kit of a paper line that I like when I find it. First of all, it costs less when you buy the whole kit and second of all you get so much stuff you can create lots of stuff with the kit and still have more left over. With that said, here is another album I made yesterday that uses the same papers and embellishments. 

Isn't she cute? The papers were from the same paper pad. and i used some stickers from some other american crafts line but dont they work so well together and I still have lots more paper left over!!!

Both of these items are listed in my ebay shop just visit me at for the link to my store!

Have a great weekend.


Monday, February 22, 2016

Pink party decorations HOW TO

remember that cute party I spoke about in my last post well today I want to share the HOW TO part of it

Here is the photo of the back drop or photo booth area 

The pretty princess in front of the back drop

Here is the back drop in its entirety - cute right?

So the first part was the streamers - all you need is about 3 rolls of your color choice in streamers and I used some fun duct tape that I had at home already...

I laid out a long piece of duct tape and folded it under so the one loose end would stay down. Then I just tore pieces of streamer the length I wanted and stuck them onto the tape DO NoT stick it all the way at the top - you need that part to stick to the wall.

Then just put it up where you want it

Then you can add balloons and maybe a cute paper banner and a dollar store balloon and wham a cute photo booth backdrop

I made these cute crown wands that I cut using my circuit and had planned to put them into the cupcakes but there wasn't enough room on the tray to add them 

I used washi tape to add them to some cut straws. 

The next thing I made was a stand for a "SMASH" cake CUPCAKE since she is so small and wasn't sure how she would take to the taste of the frosting and cake itself - I didn't think I should waste a cake for just some mess - so instead I made her a cupcake stand 

2 pieces of wood bought at hobby lobby painted then glued them together. I used some scrap pieces of paper and trimmed them then used a paper punch to add some trim and make it cuter - just used that heavy duty tape to add it to the wood.

Then I  Used some more scraps and made a cute little 1 

Cute right?

The whole party turned out super cute and my son and his wife loved the whole look of it.

She liked playing with the frosting more then she did the taste. 

And here we are taking photos in front of the backdrop but we are such a big family that we went past the back drop.

Anyway, you can use these ideas to make your own party decorations - just thought I would share the starting point.

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Happy Crafting 


Friday, February 19, 2016

Pink Party Crafting

A year ago today my son had a baby girl. In celebration of her first birthday we planned to have a first birthday party for her here at our home. Now mind you I have 2 daughters myself but it has been years since I got to create a "little girls" birthday party and even though it was going to be here at home with just the family I wanted it to be great and super cute.
I will share photos of the How - To tomorrow...
Here is the birthday girl in front of our background

in regular indoor lighting (obviously)
Here is a photo of the background by itself.

used some filters for this shot
Isn't it pretty in pink?
That chalk bard is one I usually have out by my front door.
and that does say Princess Emmie - I used my We R' Memory Keepers Alphabet punch and it was easy but might have been faster using my Cricut. The balloon and pink and white streamers are from the dollar store - balloons too actually - so it came out SUPAH cute without the ridiculous expense.
See you tomorrow to share the behind the scenes...

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Project Life

I love the idea of project life. I mean afterall, I love scrapbooking so if I can find an easy way to get it done, I'll take it. I still scrapbook in the traditional 12 x 12 way but I like to get it done quick especially when I am documenting alot of time at once. 

I am sharing this today because I have all the project life things to make my pages look fantastic. But, because I am more interested in the photos I usually only add stickers or embellishments to some of the photos. 

See - some letter stickers and a heart on a couple of photos in this spread

on this spread I added some fun embellishments to the photos and just used a journaling card to put down the dates of all our activities.

I mean really on this spread I only used some of my own hand writing and thats it.

Nothing fancy because I want the photos to show all the fun we had then.

On this day I added more journaling cards and a few accents and more handwritten comments...Thats the beauty of project life, you can do alot or a little to your spreads - there is no right way. LOVE that.

If you have had reservations on starting your project life album - I say run dont walk to get your supplies. You dont need much really - perhaps even do your layouts in month order - so just one accent like a sticker title of the month and then photos of all the things you did that month. 

By the way, in case you are wondering, I do add the dates to the back of the photographs and sometimes I will add where the photo is taken just for my memory in case I am interested in the details at a later date!

Ok, happy scrapbooking...remember it doesn't have to be fancy just get it done - your memories are worth documenting. 

Happy Tuesday

Friday, February 12, 2016

St. Patty's day

I have small kids and some not so small but they still look forward to the decorating that I do every season. St. Patricks Day is one of those holidays that is usually spent decorating only the mantel - mostly because I don't have tons of green leprechauny stuff to put out however, I found some fun papers and cute embellishments to add to a new paper bag album I created. Look how cute it came out...

Cute right? Green makes me happy and all the cute embellishments well all of a suddent I am in a great mood. I just listed this in my ebay shop visit for the link.

Heres wishing you a very happy weekend. 


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Mint-Product review

I bought a MINT which in case you hadnt heard it is a personal rubber stamp making machine. I got a great deal on it and it came with a bunch of extra inks and stamps. I decided to try and figure it out on my own without the help of my husband. Me and my husband have this kind of relationship where I buy something really cool and then he figured it out and masters using said items.

This time I did it all by myself. So this is what the MINT kit came with 

this is the machine itself small really with respects to what it can do - my iphone 6s is next to it. You plug it into your computer so that it can link up.

so first thing you need to do is open up the program on your computer. The cool thing is that you need the SIlhouette machine...the mint program can be used with just computer and the machine. Genius and money saver. YOu get a bunch of freebies to use and you can buy some other iamges with the free 25.00 they give you for buying the machine - smiley faces)
I was trying to make a stamp to match my new bussiness cards...I picked these amazing flowers and attached them to the template size of stamp I was trying to make and then added words 

you can move the words around until you get it right

once you get it how you like it - you send it to print and within seconds its done. 

and if you think wait how will i know what to print and how to reverse the image or wondering if it is going to fit DONT it does it for you. I mean really easy. like even a monkey could do it. 

then the piece come out and you attach it to the block and its there all in black face up - you see it.

That gives you the opportunity to add which ever colors you want on each word or image on your stamp.

Here is the photo of the initial inking process - it says you have to stamp it a few times to get the colors mixed and stop bleeding. As you can see by my attempts it took around 8 stamps to get the bleeding to level out.

It also gives you stickers to stamp and attach to the stamp blocks so you know which stamp is of what while the lid is on. 

Here is another style stamp I created. as you can see this was a FAIL sort of - I made the print to small and it seems to just puddle the ink in that center area. So that would be my advice - keep the letters big "enough" so you don't get puddling.

Ok so there you have it my very first product review and - next timeI think I'llmake a video or take lots more photos so that you can see each step.

Have you tried any other do-it-yourself- stamping machines? I would love to make some bigger then this next time. 

Ok happy middle of the week.

talk to you soon.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Love is the air

I just finshed the cutest little album made out of chipboard hearts. Used some fun papers and embellishments and well take a look for yourself 

Here is the cover  - something about red just makes me happy!!!

That blue, red & pink is just too cute together 

The picture will be the main focus 

Just the perfect embellishments 

Love it

Aren't those colors the end?

This would be great holding your kids photos or that of your sweet honey pie... It all works in here!!

Have fun today wether your watching the SuperBowl or spending your day crafting!!! I'll be doing both!