Friday, January 31, 2014

day 31 - January is over

Wow the first month of 2014 is over. It was a good month...let me show you.
Grab some coffee this is gonna be a long post...
At the beginning of the month I had decided instead of a list of year long resolutions I would instead make monthly goals, you know something I could check off and hopefully at the end of the month I would feel accomplished.

Well it worked
I can proudly say that I was able to cross everything off my list...

I made more then 5 scrapbooks
I made another 4 as well. Listed them all and sold one too.
*I signed up for weight watchers on January 15th - its going o.k. nothing to brag about {dang it}
*I decided to NOT sign up for 24 hour fitness because it was gonna be like 140.00 down payment and 45.00 a month and this year I am totally about saving money - So instead I signed up for the DAILY BURN - online workouts for 10.00 a month and I can watch it on my ROKU - on the big screen!!! I like it - I can do it in the privacy of my living room and not feel embarrassed - yeah!!
* I have been walking 3-5 times a week. with my friend and other times with my kids and husband.
*Baked bread just this week....oh it was delish and it is something I definitely want to do again.
As the photo of my white board shows - I have been listing on ebay and stocking my shop regularly-and I got something already to send out for publication in a magazine - I would show it off but I can't until and IF it gets picked to be in the magazine. Or I find out otherwise - so please keep those fingers crossed.
So now to make up some new goals for February. I hope it goes as well as this month.
Feeling totally accomplished!
Here's hoping your first month of 2014 was AMAZING!!!



Thursday, January 30, 2014

Baked-day 29

On my January goal list - I had put down bake bread. I had always wanted to try it. You know the kind that requires you to use yeast? I have made bread using a box mix before and a bread machine but decided this year was thee year. So I looked online and found a basic bread recipe - seemed simple. So I followed it step for step (except maybe for the times for rising etc.)
Surprisingly it worked. At least, it looked like it did.
Pretty right? 
Golden deliciousness

It was easy to cut through and was soft and yummy inside.

It almost looked like a bakery style bread loaf - worth I'd say 5.00...

I added some jam & butter and wowzers, I was impressed.

I think it will be something I will be making regularly now.
I am proud that I baked something, proud that it came out right, proud that it tasted good and that my kids loved it, proud that I crossed off the last thing on my January goals list.
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pennant LOVE-day 29

You know me and my love for burlap. Well if you didn't then you will - because I have a few projects to share here on the old blog - and because I have Valentines on the brain -
they are all pink, pretty & LOVEly...
You cant really get any easier then this - cut, stamp & sew
What? yup - that easy!
These look great on your mantel - over a picture frame or anywhere you want to add a little sweet sass too.
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Have a crafty week

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

day 28 - for the girls

I am on a roll...with paper bag albums and Disney
I cant stop making them. It might be because we just got Disney passes - I love that place.

I made this album geared more towards a girl.

The characters are Minnie and Daisy and lots of pink.

pure cuteness

Its all about the prettiness - and left lots of room for the photos.

Boy - back to the old drawing board...gotta make more - I just got a second wind and feel rejuvenated and eager to get back into my scrapbooking roots.
I hope you are getting your scrap on..
Have a crafty week.

Monday, January 27, 2014

hey Mickey - day 27

you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind - HEY MICKEY!!!
flash back - anyway just finished the cutest paper bag album - wanna see it...
yeah I know you do...
Here's the cover - Super cute right?

I fell in LOVE with the paper and left one side as is then decorated the other side to coordinate it -

yikes this paper is orange - sorry about the photo

fun embellishments

bright and happy papers

every character is covered
and I think I like it...What's not to LOVE about Disneyland and its PEEPS!
I am listing this in my shop so if you are interested in it - please stop by and pick her up.
Hope your getting your craft on.
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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day 26

So my craftiness was a wee interrupted today because this is how we spent the day - early morning we headed to

Disneyland - like we got there before it opened! Spent 5 hours there and had fun- went to eat at TGI Fridays for lunch then went to look at cars & 2 hours later we ended up back at home with this

A new Ford Flex - I'm pretty much spent at this point but totally worth it! Who knew that buying a car would take place today - all in all a fAbulous day!!! I Did work on a scrapbook page - will share it tomorrow!!! 

Sleep tight my friends!!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy Birthday to you - day 25

Been busy making scrapbooks. Last year - I swore I was done making them and this year - I seem to have been re-motivated to make more. I am actually excited when I finish one. Weird...this crazy cycle of crafting I go thru.
Here is the newest album I finished - its made using chipboard and fun cupcake papers and coordinating embellishments and I bound it with book binder rings.
Here are some of the pages
Aren't the pages super sweet and fun?

Love the reds, pinks, golds and blues - they all look so good together.

This would make a great gift for someone special.

Just in case you don't want to make one yourself then I have this listed in MY SHOP
come by and check it out.
Have a fabulous Weekend - crafting, relaxing or just chillaxing!!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Coffee filter goodness - Day 24

I love coffee but I either buy it from Starbucks (no I am not a coffee snob - promise) or I make my own using instant coffee & vanilla coffee mate creamer - it's the BOMB! But for some crazy reason I have coffee filters in my house and no coffee machine!
I have seen lots of people make wreaths out of these filters or roses for party decorations so I thought I'd try something different.

I dyed some filters with a coffee mix and then laid them out to dry on  a cookie sheet they lay sort of flat but have a crinkle to them which lends to the shabby rose feel I was going for.

You just fold or smoosh up the sides of the filter and pinch the middle and then grab a few more and do the same thing.

then grab one filter and poke a hole thru the middle bottom and push that bunch into the hole.

and twist...then attach the rose to the top of the pen and wrap with some floral tape and wrap the tape all the way down the pen shaft when you are done with that I used some seam binding and wrapped the whole thing with it and tied a bow at the base of the rose -

make the pen look better and in keeping with the shabby look...

Not to shabby, right???
I made a bunch and they look awesome together and they are useful too.
Cool right?
Hope you have a crafty weekend. I'll be linking this up to the parties listed above.

New album-day 23

A day late and a dollar short but I did have this made yesterday but boy I couldn't find a free minute to sit and blog it. I am not one of those bloggers that schedules posts...maybe I should be - it would help me with my organizational skills - anyway here is another album I finished.
A friend of mine requested a Disney album so I got her done and delivered yesterday. I should use that as an advertisement - right

Place your order one day and wah-lah YOUR ORDER IS DONE  THE NEXT!!!
Now that would neat but not typical.
She's a teachers at my kids school....favorites (wink)

She has a son so I thought I would make it more guy like

red - black and yellow-and totally Disney

Hope she liked it.

I  am in the middle of making some fun Valentine Albums and will share them soon.
Hope you are staying crafty!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

cute office supplies-day22

Still finding things to prettify - and I know I mentioned that I had a new LARGE (eyesore) message board in my studio space well I need something to hold my papers, you know besides the usual push pins so I decided to make some pretty paper holders out of mini clothespins

you only need clothespins, paint, & some pre-made embellishments or something handmade

Just paint the pins, and glue on the embellishment and if you wanted to sell them or gift them to someone, you could attach them to a sweet gift tag and add to a sweet cellophane bag and super cute gift right? I sure wouldn't mind receiving these.

O.k. so onward crafty friends - keep crafting we are only on day 22 of this year...lots more to do.
In case you want these you can find them in my ETSY SHOP
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

the old swithceroo-day 21

Ever had a really old and funky "something" in the house that needed changing but didn't want to go out and spend a bunch of cash on something new....well I had that exact thing happen to me...our entry way command center was in need of some TLC....
See that there white board/cork board...well the white board became unwipeable!!! a while back. and all those papers were just there taking up space, right below that board was a small "KEYS" sign that had cup hooks on it for our keys - again...outdated!!!
So I bought a new cork board 17 x 21 approx. with a 50% off coupon it only cost me 4.99 (scrore)
My husband came home with a bunch of frames last week from his work dumpster and one just happened to be the perfect size to cover this cork board. Yowza - free frame and I just spray painted it white to slightly blend into our wall....

My husband attached the frame to the cork board with screws added some cup hooks for our KEYS (an absolute must) took off all the extra papers only left the most important things

added some small banners to liven the whole thing up a bit and wah-lah the eyesore is gone.
I love when something comes together- that was a necessity- comes together so cheaply.
Working with my hubby isn't too bad either -
I am linking this up to the parties above.
Hope your crafty creations are working our beautifully and on the cheap!!!