Friday, January 24, 2014

New album-day 23

A day late and a dollar short but I did have this made yesterday but boy I couldn't find a free minute to sit and blog it. I am not one of those bloggers that schedules posts...maybe I should be - it would help me with my organizational skills - anyway here is another album I finished.
A friend of mine requested a Disney album so I got her done and delivered yesterday. I should use that as an advertisement - right

Place your order one day and wah-lah YOUR ORDER IS DONE  THE NEXT!!!
Now that would neat but not typical.
She's a teachers at my kids school....favorites (wink)

She has a son so I thought I would make it more guy like

red - black and yellow-and totally Disney

Hope she liked it.

I  am in the middle of making some fun Valentine Albums and will share them soon.
Hope you are staying crafty!!

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