Wednesday, January 8, 2014

make-it day 8

Just a quick mini make-over...since I am a girl I have the urge need to "PRETTY" up every little thing around me. My husband says "I just can't leave things as they come." Oh what do men know, anyway. I mean really - think about it...Here is my logic:if the things that surround me look fun & fresh and I know that I did that - then I feel good about myself and my space and it really makes me creatively productive. Hence, why would I NOT make everything look sparkly & happy!

So here is just a quick "pretty-up"

took these big head yellow push pins that were holding up my submission deadline papers looked DRABB so took the glue gun and some fun buttons by October Afternoon and

Look - something PRETTY to hold up my papers...I know that's ridiculously easy and some might think totally a waste of time - but I like it & think it was so totally worth it.
Happy Making

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