Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sweet Sweet FALL

Oh My here in So CAL - it is finally feeling like FALL. My most favorite time of the year next to WINTER....the cold brisk mornings, the darker nights, and the warm heater or fire keeping me warm - oh and the warm "RED CUPS" of coffee to keep me couldn't be better.
I was getting my "Thanksgiving" decorations out and was totally disappointed when I notice that some little varmints got into my boxes and destroyed all of my stuff - 14 years of stuff collected in the trash...I do have some stuff that I recently made but not enough to decorate my house...
Here are some of this years pumpkins - that I made using some fun fabrics...
I sold most of these at my show
but here are a few more I made...

this was last years round of pumpkins
Here are this years and an up close shot of my NEW pumpkins.
I like these a bit better because they are so plump and juicy!

I like the green burlap leaves and the cinnamon stick stems...different yet the same...
Kind of like life right
so looking for the silver lining in losing my 14 year collection of FALL decorations...I guess now I get to BUY new stuff...{wink & a BIG goofy grin}
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thanks for visiting.
Happy Fall

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Project LIFE

I know everyone is familiar with PROJECT LIFE and while last year I completed my 2012 PL album - it was stressful and time consuming and I think the label of PL came with a BAR that I needed to reach every time I shared my PL layouts. So I decided  to bring the bar down so to speak!
This year I decided not to do week by week but rather a month at a time. I get my photos printed via the GROOVEBOOK - I only have to pay 2.99 a month and get 100 pictures off my iPhone printed in a perforated style book and the dates and location are printed on the top of the photo - check it out its a pretty cool thing and makes remembering the date easier. I have my books out and I label the front with the months so I can pick and choose the photos and place them in my album as I am working on a layout.
With all that said here are my JUNE layouts...
I added a few extras - lots of letter stickers of the names of places we went to...
some border stickers and some labels

I have been using the products by SNAP - which are available at Michael's and Joann's
are reasonably priced and have the cutest sayings and graphics

all the yellow cards are from SNAP...cute right!

they add a lot with out much work on my part (like that)

Added some minimal accents like stickers but other than the pictures are doing all the work

I gotta tell you that I am so much at ease with this NEW way of doing PL - it is so much less stressful and I am getting the highlights of the month done and it happens in all one night of scrapbooking - LOVE IT!!!!
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Happy Project Life-ing no matter how you make it work for you!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Feliz Dia De Los Muertos

We had a wonderful Halloween - Hope you all did as well. We had some fun playing dress up last night - especially with the make up part... we had a

with lots of make-up and a funky old broom - this costume was from the thrift those kind!
we had
used some sticky waxy scar stuff for his face. Believe or not, we had the pants and sweater top and just bought the glove & hat from the party store...

My oldest daughter wanted something original but still cool so again to the thrift store we headed and my daughter was able to piece up
found the shirt and some DOC MARTENS at the T.S. she had the tank, the shorts & red bandanna
mom helped her with the hair - which I think she totally rocked!!
All in all not a bad night with some fun & cheap costumes.

One holiday down and now the "SEASON" begins...HOLIDAYS
ok anyway I also wanted to wish you a splendid weekend and share a fun DIA DE LOS MUERTOS skeleton I made - I learned it in a class this past October.

Using fimo clay to create & sculpt the head

and hand sewn body and then the pain stakenly drawn then painted in BONES

...I am in LOVE with the doll - subtle but to the point 

and the finishing touch was some fun fabric to make a collar for the skeleton.
I am in LOVE with the doll - subtle but to the point and all handmade!
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Here's wishing your dearly departed LOVED ones a wonderful day of rest & celebration
in honor of Dia De Los Muertos
Love you Mom & Paul and miss you everyday!!!