Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Here's wishing you all a wonderful Halloween - whether dressing up or handing out candy - hope you have a fun & safe night...

Wanted to share a fun mixed media WITCH I created using different bits & parts and a wonderful old doll head.

vintage alphabet blocks

 A metal lamp shade base (I think?) for the body and a candle saver for the collar and vintage hands holding one of my hand dyed trees in purple.

all in all a fun & pieced together Halloween decoration.
I am linking this witch up to the weekly parties in my link at the top of the page.
Have a fun night.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Show

was a total success. Thanks to all my lovely customers friends who stopped by and visited for a bit, shopped and those of you who hung out and talked with me. I really enjoyed seeing you all and appreciate your support.

 I have a problem with taking photos of my booth before sales start and especially one with me in it. So I have shots of my booth during a quite time with a lot of things already sold - hence the  emptiness of it all.

the bottom rack of pillows (with words on them) was filled with burlap pillows - simply made but quickly desired...weird and I only made a few. Hate when that happens.

Here are the table tops and whats left of my products.

Here is that cool booth set up I made with not much left on it for display.

Here is the left over scrapbooks I had - I was so considering not doing them this year but I'm glad I did because people loved them and bought them.
It warms my heart to know  that people are still scrapbooking.
I wanted to share another cool project I made for Halloween scrapbooking...
I found a super cool white metal easel and made some scrapbook pages to fit and hang from the easel so you could easily share your Halloween past photos or add this years to it.

If you used some repositionable tape you could totally use this year after year
and add new photos to it...

I love the colors of this and the details - and so as not to overload this post I only shared 3 layouts but this comes with 10 total.
I have it listed in my ebay shop if you are interested in it.
Well here's wishing you a wonderful Halloween night and a crafty week.
I will be linking up my scrapbooking easel to the parties in my linky up top.

Friday, October 25, 2013

CHALKingly good

Don't know if you have fallen in love with the art of CHALK or chalk art in the manner of signs...well I sure have and while I have not mastered it - I have definitely played with a bit. I have been trying to make some fun signs for my show this Saturday using the CHALK ART I did 2 signs...

The first sign I made using an old mirror frame which is amazingly ornate and which I painted Robins egg blue...

then I looked on pinterest for some ideas using the chalk writing and of course there is a bunch to choose from.

I bought one of those bistro markers - that are chalk in a pen (easier to write with)
and took bits and parts from various signs I saw and added them to my sign 

Here is the whole sign - wanted you to get an idea of the whole thing even with that snarky glare

here is a close up of the writing. I am not a pro by any means and quite frankly its not as clean and wonderful as those on line but I can say that I am quite pleased with the way it turned out.

The Bistro chalk marker I used was a chiseled tip and quite thick and made for writing in small spaces a bit hard

Like I said I took different parts from various images I found...

some made sense and some just filled spaces. But I LIKE it A lot.
The 2nd chalk sign I made came from using a vintage doll crib.
This is one side and the other side was blank (no tiger)
so I painted it with chalkboard paint and added a cute FALL banner

and this time using an actual stick of chalk made this sign for my booth tomorrow.

I love it and well consider it my contribution to upcycling. Viva our environment.
Ok. so I hope these make a splash tomorrow at my show. Wish me luck.
Linking up to the parties in my link above.
Have a great weekend folks.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hello Fall

Good grief - a month later and life just whooshed by...It's that time of year...where I am spending all my time finishing up my hand crafted goods for the annual VILLAGE VENTURE. It is a real treat to participate in this show, it is the biggest show I have ever been a part of. This year there is expected to be 490 crafters/vendors...YIKES. Its an all day (1 day) affair and usually it is super hot - like 95' degrees hot - I am praying for cool weather and lots of new people.

I can always expect my usual clients - who I might add are the greatest peeps out there. They make me feel special when they hit my spot every year. What a compliment to know they came to me first. LOVE LOVE you guys.

I thought I would share some of the fun stuff I have been working on.

Here is proof of my CRAFTY MESS

Here are some fun shadow boxes I have made using vintage sewing habedashery

and the cutest little snowman face getting started.
I am super excited that I will have a bunch of my usual items pillows, jewelry & such but with a NEW twist on them all.
Here are some more fun shots of things I have made in the past month
I have been having lots of fun playing with paper clay and have created many cool characters this holiday season.
I will be back more regular after this show. But in the meantime I hope I will see you at this years VillageVenture in Claremont California - October 26th
Happy Crafting