Friday, January 17, 2020


YA'LL I am so in LOVE with these Pom Poms - I have made them before but 
never with the extra thick yarns. I always used the basic crochet yarns.
I always made small ones and not so great at that. 
Also, can I just say - I have purchased several pom pom makers. For the life of me I can't
 figure them out. Like they never worked. I followed the directions but somehow they never 
tied off right.
So I did it the old fashioned way.
Using my hand...

It comes off your hand nice and easy and you can then easily see where to tie off the pom pom

Then you get to trim and fluff.
The pom pom makers do claim to not need trimming but 
I think when you have the chance to trim you can make the pom pom
as big or as small as you want.

Ok some key things to keep in mind.

The fluffier yarns are better for pom pom making.
The kind you use for blankets and sweaters. They go on sale quite often at Joann's

This first pom pom was made using that fluffy sweater making yarn.

The pom pom below was made using standard crochet yarn
It doesn't fluff up as much. I think the smaller you make it the fuller it looks.

This yarn is vintage stock - its thick and has great color but the texture is course 
perhaps it was used to wrap gifts.
But this didn't fluff up and you can see the bald spots - it doesn't lay nicely.

Thinking about using up those cute POM POMS
by making a fun Valentine's Day wreath.

I mean can it get much cuter than this?

Hope you try making some of these cuties.

Let me know if you try it out.

Happy Crafting friends

Friday, January 3, 2020

Happy New Decade - 2020

Happy New Year friends...

It has been a long while since I have been here on this blog. I think part of the reason was because I felt like what I had to say didn't really matter in the scheme of the crafty world.

I made stuff every day and all day, but just didn't feel like it was interesting enough to share. I think that falls with measuring up - feeling like I don't compare with other crafters.
 It was all self-inflicted misery (not really misery but just bad juju I was inflicting on myself) 

Comparison is the thief of creativity. 

is a 

no more worrying what others think. 
No more trying to impress others.
I will make cute stuff 
because I love to MAKE stuff 
plain and simple.

I hope you stick around and find something you like to make here on this blog
and if you make something I helped inspire please 
send me photos so I can see how amazing yours came out. 

Heres wishing you a fantastically creative 2020


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