Monday, January 9, 2017

Quick Craft-Christmas Ornaments

I have teenagers and a small boy at home and this year when we were putting up the Christmas decorations they were making comments that I had TOO much stuff - that I shouldn't put it all out every year, oh and wait for it - I should wait and put it out 2 weeks before Christmas - I mean have they lost their minds?

Anyway, I ignored their complaints immediately but when decorating the tree started - my sixteen year old decided she hated all her handmade ornaments especially the ones with her picture in them...wah - She didn't want to put any up...which made me a little sad - so I decided to make a new 2016 photo ornament...I wanted to share the process with you...because I think they came out super cute...

Here are the supplies - thick book board or chip board, buttons and photographs of your kids, and buttons. I used small instax photos but you could use their school photos as well.

I glued the the photograph onto the book board and punch a hole at the top

Then decorate with buttons or pom poms, or any other cute holiday decorations and surround the photo without covering up the hole...

then finish it off the way you like, I added a bow and the hanger to the back. the back of the ornaments are white so I had the kids sign their name and add the year so I could remember their signature and when the photo was taken. I plan on doing this every year...
My kids loved the ornaments but my oldest still didn't like her picture - but geez - you can't any prettier then that right? I think its a 16 year old issue...

Hope you like these quick craft easy tutorials and try them out for yourself.

Thanks for stopping by 
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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year

Can You believe that it's 2017? Time sure does fly when you are having fun. Did some crafting this year, tried out some new album styles like this project life styled Disney album

Started making string art & fell in love with it. 

Now that the Holidays are over I am planning on lots of new things for the New year and this here ol' blog of mine.

My plan is to be more active here and share more of what I am making, hopefully sharing new videos and keeping you up to date with new craft shows I'm participating in 

If you have been with me for awhile - thank you for sticking with me. If you are new here, thanks for stopping by and hope you will stay tuned with whats ahead.

Wishing you a wonderful new year and noting but new fun and crafty adventures.


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Quick Holiday Craft

I am all about the quick craft and even more so when the whole project costs under 15.00 then I just had to share the how, what and when with ya'll.

Pick up your supplies at the your local Target and heres what you'll need

The round wreath shaped wooden items are from the dollar spot at Target - 3.00 each - pom poms bags are also from the dollar spot and they are 1.00 each - - you could also use any you had on hand - the thick red ribbon was something I had and the red tassels are also 1.00 from Target...and of course you dont have to use what I used but this is how I made it.

First step is to find the middle and attach your ribbon (this will be the part you will use to hang the wreath from)

Looking back I think I would have spray painted the wreath prior to attaching the pom poms or maybe painted the edges with some acrylic paint - because since I didn't add the pom poms to the edge you can see some of the wood - luckily its hanging from our front doors and you can't see the edges too well so I am ok with it as is.

Once you are done adding the pom poms - then you can decorate it as you like. This can also cut down the cost if you use things you have on hand...

I bought some cute little snowflakes from Joanne for 40% off and painted them in turquoise then added them to the front of the wreath 

Here is another look at the steps and the finished wreath. 

On my doors 

and Up Close - cute and Kitschy right>>>

I made the snowman, I had the tree and the deers and so all in total I spent 13.00 for the items needed to create both of these wreaths!!!

And just like that another quick craft at a low cost is down in the books.

Enjoy and hope you are creating awesome holiday crafts!!!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Seriously tho'

No excuses for not posting other then the usual craft show Season preparations going on. As,I speak I am at a craft boutique trying to sell my wares - first time at this show so things could be better but I can't complain - its 3 days long so we'll see how things go.

I wanted to share wth you some fun string art I have started making and will be listing this holiday season in my shop

Why? You ask - because this world needs more cuteness!!! Wouldntcha agree?

Anyway check out the shop if your interested!!

Happy Black Friday to ya'


Thursday, October 27, 2016

Quick craft-making tags

Now when I say quick craft I mean fairly quick. Once you start making these you'll make them for every occasion. The coolest part of these tags are that you can make them using the things you have on hand such as acrylic or wooden stamps and ink pads and tags that you can either die cut or buy from me - in my shop (wink wink)

As you can see by the photo - seriously I only used basic supplies - but I mean how cool are these tags. Can you imagine all the possibilities???

The best part about these tags is that they are so versatile and can be used, depending on the occasion, for gift tags to add to your gift bags (in place of a card) they can be added to a bottle of wine for a hostess gift and they can be used as place cards for your Thanksgiving table or any other special table setting.

Hope you try it out and if you do please share them on Instagram and tag me so I can check them out.

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New to Old & Lovely

Hello again, it's been a long while since I've posted but I'm back and wanted to share a tutorial that I am actually using today! I have my annual big craft show and every year I make a New pumpkin design. This year I made small, medium & large pumpkins that look like this 

In various colors & different fabrics. This pumpkin isn't finished but the other ones have leaves & wrapped with some vintage lace. 

But guess what? I ran out of lace - ( insert sad face) I went to Joanne's & couldn't find any thin cream colored lace... Enter today's tutorial

Here's what. You'll need a cup & a spoon plus a tray to lay stained lace on.

White lace

Coffee crystals

Hot water mixed with coffee crystals


Soak lace in coffee mixture - the longer you leave the lace in the darker the stain will look.

I left it in for 30 seconds because I wanted it to look like the vintage lace (below)

Super easy way to die any type of white lace, ribbon or fabric!!!

Enjoy and be sure to share with me if you try this technique!!!

Happy crafting

Monday, September 5, 2016

New Creation

A few weeks ago I was busy die cutting felt shapes and I made some fun little felt banners which I will share later...but I came up with a NEW CREATION that I needed desprately....A book mark (haha) but really a cool looking bookmark...

the premise behind the well needed bookmark - is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE magazines and I buy alot and well I usually only find time to read them in the bathroom (I know TMI) but I never seem to have a bookmark and I hate to fold the corners and sometimes I end up using a piece of toilet paper (weird I know) so this cool bookmark came into my mind and I set out to make it.

I used some elastic 

sewed up the meeting points - I cut the elastic a bit smaller then the full length of the magazine. So basically I pulled it and made sure it was tight then cut it - you want it tight so it doens't just fall off. while its holding your place.

then just took my die cut felt flower stack and sewed it on to the meeting point of the elastic to cover the thread up.

and here she is all finished - isnt shee pretty and the cool thing about them is that I can keep them in the bathroom with my other head bands and keep a few on my bedside table and one in my car - they are small enough to keep in my bag to - anyway - I think its pretty clever...Plan on making more and adding them to my shop - 

Happy Monday and happy crafting.