Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New things to share

Hello thanks for stopping by today - I wanted to take a minute a share some new bits I have been working on . I know I shared some string art I started making awhile back and here are the newest pieces for the Spring season.

I am in LOVE with deer heads and had to try one with string and guys I think this came out FANTASTIC...I added some fun little pink paper flowers around its crown to finish it off.
Another obsession I have been having lately are GNOMES - not only am I sewing them up but now I tried them with string and eeekkk....i am so in love with these cuties.

To finish this off - I made a special one for this months holiday - ST. PATRICKS DAY!
I painted on the word to finish this baby up.
I cant wait to make more of these and add them to my mantel...

I am on my way to add to them to Instagram and then list them in my shop...

Hope your week has been the craftiest ---

Be back soon 

Hugs and more hugs


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Funny story

WARNING: this is a small rant about life with kids

I know there are alot of people out there that have kids some only one, some 2 or 3 and some even a full house. Props to all of you brave parents who home school their kids - that means 24 hours a day everyday. Go on with your bad self.

As you all know Tuesday was Valentines day so me and my hubbs had plans to go to dinner and a movie and exchange gifts during the is the funny part...Sunday my daughter who is on the Varsity soccer team for her high school tells us that they made the wild card draw for CIF and the game would be on Tuesday (VALENTINES DAY) at 5:00 pm Gosh darn it! Really....

Let me preface this by saying that my daughter who excels as a soccer forward and can kick with her left foot = lots of goals. Last year on JV she was one of the high goal makers on the team and this year she has literally played 10 minutes the whole season (in total) - so figure 2-3 minutes every third game or so if that. As parents go, we are pretty first rate - I think anyway. Me and my husband have made every game together, sometimes seperate but we want to be there in case she gets playing time. in total around 20 games including pre-season...I was praying their team wouldnt make CIF so the season would be over. So there go Valentines Day plans - but after being married for 17 years we figured we would go on Monday and avoid the the crowds and wait times - here we are celebrating Valentines Day at Tahoe Joes eating a huge dinner and laughing and talking about how those kids of ours seem to interfere in our life (jokingly of course but true) I mean we are parents and that's part of the life right?

Huge dinner and drinks and some shopping after that...

Also Monday I received these yummy berries and they were super tasty. there were a dozen strawberries - I ate 3 and guess who ate the rest...My Kids. Gotta Love them. 

Here's hoping your Valentines Day went as planned. 

In case your wondering I have been very busily crafting away and will be sharing all the fun stuff shortly.

Have a great weekend ya'll.


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Opening up

I used to blog for years and shared alot more about my family and everyday stuff but I thought who cares really - I probably sound less then interesting to most people out there so I stopped and kept my blog more of a crafting blog - sharing things I make...Well I think this year I am expanding my blog to include crafting, DIY, family and just stuff I feel like sharing.

I hope you'll follow along - so to start I thought i would open up about some of my New Years Plans...

I am not sure if you participate in the ONE LITTLE WORD challenge that starts the beginning of every New Year? I have tried in the past to participate but never really follow through but this year is DIFFERENT....wink wink - no really this year is different.

(this is me and my little family)

I am not sure if you are like me at all but I always make goals and resolutions if you will but don't really ever follow through. I have good intentions but sometimes I think that if i mess up once then whats the point. It's self sabbotage...literally!!!

I have been on a personal mission this year. to be CONSISTENT in my LIFE which just happens to be my One Little Word for 2017

I want to be CONSISTENT in my weight loss goals which means being CONSISTENT with goig to the gym, being consistent with my food intake - I am aiming for real noticeable results.

I want to be CONSISTENT in my business which included blogging regularly, crafting daily and posting to Social Media more regularly...I want to see obvious changes to my brand - I want to be more productive and get my business to be my job and not just my hobby...

I want to be consistent in my financial goals which is mostly SAVING...I want to use what I have and stop buying just so i can have the newest stuff. I want to make and sell before I can buy anything...I want to put myself into more Craft Shows and get myself out there...I am on a mission to expand my brand. 

As you can see I have big plans and have shared a lot with ya'll here - I guess its my truth nd my way to hold myself accountable...

Wish me luck and I too wish you luck in all you set out to do this year. Let's keep each other accountable 

Happy New Year and I hope you will come back again soon 


Monday, January 9, 2017

Quick Craft-Christmas Ornaments

I have teenagers and a small boy at home and this year when we were putting up the Christmas decorations they were making comments that I had TOO much stuff - that I shouldn't put it all out every year, oh and wait for it - I should wait and put it out 2 weeks before Christmas - I mean have they lost their minds?

Anyway, I ignored their complaints immediately but when decorating the tree started - my sixteen year old decided she hated all her handmade ornaments especially the ones with her picture in them...wah - She didn't want to put any up...which made me a little sad - so I decided to make a new 2016 photo ornament...I wanted to share the process with you...because I think they came out super cute...

Here are the supplies - thick book board or chip board, buttons and photographs of your kids, and buttons. I used small instax photos but you could use their school photos as well.

I glued the the photograph onto the book board and punch a hole at the top

Then decorate with buttons or pom poms, or any other cute holiday decorations and surround the photo without covering up the hole...

then finish it off the way you like, I added a bow and the hanger to the back. the back of the ornaments are white so I had the kids sign their name and add the year so I could remember their signature and when the photo was taken. I plan on doing this every year...
My kids loved the ornaments but my oldest still didn't like her picture - but geez - you can't any prettier then that right? I think its a 16 year old issue...

Hope you like these quick craft easy tutorials and try them out for yourself.

Thanks for stopping by 
I will be linking this project up to the following parties.


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year

Can You believe that it's 2017? Time sure does fly when you are having fun. Did some crafting this year, tried out some new album styles like this project life styled Disney album

Started making string art & fell in love with it. 

Now that the Holidays are over I am planning on lots of new things for the New year and this here ol' blog of mine.

My plan is to be more active here and share more of what I am making, hopefully sharing new videos and keeping you up to date with new craft shows I'm participating in 

If you have been with me for awhile - thank you for sticking with me. If you are new here, thanks for stopping by and hope you will stay tuned with whats ahead.

Wishing you a wonderful new year and noting but new fun and crafty adventures.


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Quick Holiday Craft

I am all about the quick craft and even more so when the whole project costs under 15.00 then I just had to share the how, what and when with ya'll.

Pick up your supplies at the your local Target and heres what you'll need

The round wreath shaped wooden items are from the dollar spot at Target - 3.00 each - pom poms bags are also from the dollar spot and they are 1.00 each - - you could also use any you had on hand - the thick red ribbon was something I had and the red tassels are also 1.00 from Target...and of course you dont have to use what I used but this is how I made it.

First step is to find the middle and attach your ribbon (this will be the part you will use to hang the wreath from)

Looking back I think I would have spray painted the wreath prior to attaching the pom poms or maybe painted the edges with some acrylic paint - because since I didn't add the pom poms to the edge you can see some of the wood - luckily its hanging from our front doors and you can't see the edges too well so I am ok with it as is.

Once you are done adding the pom poms - then you can decorate it as you like. This can also cut down the cost if you use things you have on hand...

I bought some cute little snowflakes from Joanne for 40% off and painted them in turquoise then added them to the front of the wreath 

Here is another look at the steps and the finished wreath. 

On my doors 

and Up Close - cute and Kitschy right>>>

I made the snowman, I had the tree and the deers and so all in total I spent 13.00 for the items needed to create both of these wreaths!!!

And just like that another quick craft at a low cost is down in the books.

Enjoy and hope you are creating awesome holiday crafts!!!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Seriously tho'

No excuses for not posting other then the usual craft show Season preparations going on. As,I speak I am at a craft boutique trying to sell my wares - first time at this show so things could be better but I can't complain - its 3 days long so we'll see how things go.

I wanted to share wth you some fun string art I have started making and will be listing this holiday season in my shop

Why? You ask - because this world needs more cuteness!!! Wouldntcha agree?

Anyway check out the shop if your interested!!

Happy Black Friday to ya'