Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bedroom Stool Makeover

 Still nesting --- had this bedroom stool that was originally brown with a red tapestry cover so I thought I would paint it white and added a soft blue velvet cover and thought I would keep it in my room

But I lived with it for awhile and well it was o.k. but not PERFECT

Then I had a "LIGHTBULB" moment and thought BLACK was the color...of course

FRENCH boudoir - good idea right?

I picked the WRONG burlap - I grabbed wine labeled burlap on accident - but I gotta say

I love it! Looks so much more chic and yet still has a French feel to it!
What have you been up to?
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Monday, April 29, 2013

Hello Monday

I know I am not the only one who is in LOVE with Lisa Leonard and her awesome jewelry - I have a few pieces myself --- gotta love my hubs for picking out those pieces...well she has a blog and she has some great posts - one I most recently found is her HELLO MONDAY series and reading her post and other bloggers Hello Monday posts made me feel GREAT so I decided to play along this week too.

So here goes:

Hello You, way to stay on your workout schedule
Hello, brisk evening walks
Hello, taking note of all the good things in the world
Hello, to trying new things and not being super scared about them
Hello, to more time spent with my wonderful kids
Hello, to spending time with my fabulous husband
Hello to a life that I am so thankful for.
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hello to you!

Card making

Been feeling stifled in the crafting department. I decided to finally make time and get my hands dirty or should I sit down and play!!!
First thing I made were some cards - I don't have many of those around these days...
I made 2 birthday cards - one for a girl and one for a boy
This PINK girly birthday card is kind of artsy so I think it could work for either a big girl or a little girl
What do you think? cute but artsy - so it could go both ways!

And because I have a little boy here too - I had to include one for the boys I used the same sentiment just a sweet robot to finish this one off.
Not bad for a dip back into the crafting POOL.
I have lots more to share this week - so please come back soon
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happy Monday FOlks

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Barstool do-overs

I think it is the Spring Season - the fresh air - the new growth - the brisk sunshine days that is causing me to sort of nest (minus the pregnancy). I have been re-doing just about everything around my house.

Take for instance these crummy old stools - picture them with brown legs and those black seats...then forward three years to last October 2012 and I decided to paint the stool legs yellow...and not to well at that...

made some damask seat covers - this was my first time trying to use elastic plus trying to get the exact measurements to go completely around the seat and as you can tell - it didn't quite make it.

The first stool was NOT easy - so on the next stool I decided to staple the fabric down around the bottom of the stool  - yeah didn't like that look either. So instead of getting NEW stools I decided to give it one more chance and  decided to paint the stool legs RED...I know silly but I LOVE red...

This time I decided red was the color I wanted to use = so I bought some spray paint and painted the stool legs a candy apple red gloss and I love them. Since I didn't want to try again with that elastic I decided to use some fun oil cloth - which serves 2 purposes: first of all its too cute second it WIPES clean no more stains that don't come off or crayon marks - LOVE oil cloth...now I wont take an up close shot because while this is cool stuff it doesn't exactly gather well like fabric so lets just at how pretty they look from afar...
I am really loving these...
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happy crafting

Friday, April 19, 2013


I am sure that you have been just as heart broken and glued to the t.v. as I have this week. My heart aches for all those families that set out to enjoy the marathon and then to come home without a loved one, or for those who were cheering on folks in the race and now have to live with the physical after effects of the explosion, for a city who has been living in fear for the past week yet is remaining strong and united. I well up with tears just thinking about the devastation. I get angry with idiots like these boys who felt it necessary to harm so many people to get their message across. There are so many other ways to get your point across...light yourself on fire...cause severe injury to yourself but leave innocent people alone. I have to be truthful and say that I immediately told my husband that I wanted to move NOW - to a small farming town out in the middle of no-where - where no bombs could reach us and we would live danger free. He in turn said - there is no such thing as a danger free community. Boston was about  the closet thing to that.  I guess he's right. We just have to pray that things like this don't continue to happen in OUR world...but lets be serious that is highly unlikely. Which country wouldn't envy us - we have freedom, we have opportunity, we have powerful people protecting us...what's not to envy....I pray for those that are jealous or mad at our country...I pray for those that are weak and easily misled to do the bidding of others. I pray for those that so easily harm other people to get their message across, I pray for mean and evil people. May they find happiness and leave us alone.

I am keeping BOSTON in my heart and in my head and sending them positive energy that those who have suffered the most will heal soon. God Bless You All. You are not alone

The sun will shine again and peace will be yours once more.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

the Goodwill HUTCH

I don't think there is a single person out there, rich or poor, that doesn't love a good thrift store. Personally I prefer the smaller - guy next door type of thrift store,the prices are a bit more reasonable. But on a recent trip to the GOODWILL I found a diamond in the rough....

An OLD 1970's hutch...here is the top of the hutch

this is the bottom
Here are the cupboards - liken the detail.
this is after a sanding

Here are the drawers - love the key hole

Here is the hutch after I painted the hutch a light grey. There is no color name because I created it - I made some CHALK PAINT using 2 parts paint to 1 part plaster of Paris, just mix and add until you get a thick pancake type mix...then I added black acrylic paint until I got the color I needed. You wouldn't think it but I used quite a bit of black paint to get it to this color.
I painted the inside back of the hutch top with a cream colored paint and the edges of the inside of the hutch I painted a light robins egg blue.

I accented the cupboard doors and the top cabinet doors with the same blue

and here is the grand reveal....
We found the knobs at Hobby Lobby and I just SPRAY painted them with a matching cream paint

I am thinking I may need to touch up the screws

Up above is an up close shot of the knobs...love it with the blue & grey

{oh and a little rascal who loves to invade ALL my photos}
I know you may be thinking that yellow walls & red accents is all too much color for a kitchen but I guess its a reflection of my life, scattered, filled with kids and chaotic...kind of like my decorating ideas in that there kitchen.
I LOVE it!!!

I wanted to have a substantial piece in the kitchen and I wanted it to work less like a showcase piece and more of a functional storage unit. I put my glass ware in here and some serving pieces in here that are easily accessible. Again lots of color....
but compared to my last piece I think this is a really awesome improvement...
Here is my last hutch ---vintage lovely but not real practical...the glass doors stuck a lot and the whole thing was a bit wobbily and the drawers served as a clutter catch all and this hutch served merely as a collection case...nothing was ever used in it...
I painted it black too - not very happy
but the detail was amazing on it...

see vintage Pyrex and little collections never handled or used...just a showcase unit
and OH so thin - hence the wobbily-ness....

in case you are wondering I sold this piece for 130.00 and bought my new one for
 59.99 at GOODWILL...
not a bad trade off right???
so keep that in mind when you are out at thrift stores...things may look bad but its nothing a bit of paint cant fix....
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Friday, April 5, 2013

Blogger Party 2013

I am all about connecting with other bloggers and meeting new people so I am participating in this years ULTIMATE BLOG PARTY - see side bar for link...

My name is Tina and I started this blog as a way to document and record some family time and some of my MANY crafting adventures. I was hoping to get to know some other like-minded bloggers out there and make myself present in this large but fabulous blog-o-sphere that is this community. Here is a bit about me:

I am an almost 43 year old girl
Who is married to her knight in shining armor

who is the mom to these guys
21, 12, 10, 5

I love to play with paper

and due to my crafting ADD - I play around with sewing, painting and making...lots of other "schtuff"

I hate cleaning house but do it occasionally - I don't have a clean home but I do have a happy home. That I know for sure.
Here's to making new friends - Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Scrapbook catch up

I always take breaks from scrapbooking and then catch up in spurts. It never fails when I get started with my scrapbooking marathon - I am always reminded why I love it so much. I love to look back at photos of my kids and outings we have taken and document them for later viewing. I love it!

I wanted to share a few of the pages I got done recently (in one day actually :)

I have stacks of photos laying around that I KNEW I wanted to get made and put into my scrapbook

I am not starting from recent days - these are just photos that I LOVE

Scrapbooking has come a LONG way over the years. I love that there is NO
right way. Its what ever you like - and now-a-days not everything HAS to coordinate!
how fantastic is that?

Because I was playing with PROJECT LIFE last year I printed a bunch of photos in a 3 x 5 style
hence the reason I have these pages all using "smaller" photos

 collect all kinds of bits and pieces and even make my own with scraps of paper. You can add them everywhere - from scrapbooking layouts to cards....and they add that special finishing touch!
another small collection I have is ALPHABET STICKERS- I have a bunch in lots of colors--again another staple - that can be used on so many different paper crafting projects.

I LOVE LOVE scrapbooking and think that whether you are doing project life or traditional scrapbooking or even digital scrapbooking - just do it - keep track - take the time to DOCUMENT your memories. I promise it may seem like work - may even seem like a waste of time - but your kids big or small will appreciate all the effort and will have fond memories seeing themselves on the pages and witnessing their growth and reliving those happy memories.
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