Tuesday, April 9, 2013

the Goodwill HUTCH

I don't think there is a single person out there, rich or poor, that doesn't love a good thrift store. Personally I prefer the smaller - guy next door type of thrift store,the prices are a bit more reasonable. But on a recent trip to the GOODWILL I found a diamond in the rough....

An OLD 1970's hutch...here is the top of the hutch

this is the bottom
Here are the cupboards - liken the detail.
this is after a sanding

Here are the drawers - love the key hole

Here is the hutch after I painted the hutch a light grey. There is no color name because I created it - I made some CHALK PAINT using 2 parts paint to 1 part plaster of Paris, just mix and add until you get a thick pancake type mix...then I added black acrylic paint until I got the color I needed. You wouldn't think it but I used quite a bit of black paint to get it to this color.
I painted the inside back of the hutch top with a cream colored paint and the edges of the inside of the hutch I painted a light robins egg blue.

I accented the cupboard doors and the top cabinet doors with the same blue

and here is the grand reveal....
We found the knobs at Hobby Lobby and I just SPRAY painted them with a matching cream paint

I am thinking I may need to touch up the screws

Up above is an up close shot of the knobs...love it with the blue & grey

{oh and a little rascal who loves to invade ALL my photos}
I know you may be thinking that yellow walls & red accents is all too much color for a kitchen but I guess its a reflection of my life, scattered, filled with kids and chaotic...kind of like my decorating ideas in that there kitchen.
I LOVE it!!!

I wanted to have a substantial piece in the kitchen and I wanted it to work less like a showcase piece and more of a functional storage unit. I put my glass ware in here and some serving pieces in here that are easily accessible. Again lots of color....
but compared to my last piece I think this is a really awesome improvement...
Here is my last hutch ---vintage lovely but not real practical...the glass doors stuck a lot and the whole thing was a bit wobbily and the drawers served as a clutter catch all and this hutch served merely as a collection case...nothing was ever used in it...
I painted it black too - not very happy
but the detail was amazing on it...

see vintage Pyrex and little collections never handled or used...just a showcase unit
and OH so thin - hence the wobbily-ness....

in case you are wondering I sold this piece for 130.00 and bought my new one for
 59.99 at GOODWILL...
not a bad trade off right???
so keep that in mind when you are out at thrift stores...things may look bad but its nothing a bit of paint cant fix....
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The CSI Girl said...

I love this! ANd I admire you for this project. LOl I only wish to do this. I hope you will come link up to The cSI Project starting tomorrow night. The challenge is furniture transformations. Out guest judge will love this. Come on over and have fun!!!

Basement Stamper said...

Wow, love what you did with it!! It's amazing how different it is.

the cape on the corner said...

wow, that's a great price, and i love the way you painted that trim in that blue.

Mel said...

It turned out gorgeous, and $59 at Goodwill? That's a steal. I saw a similar hutch there recently, and they wanted $125 for it.

girls said...

What a great find! Especially for Good Will... the one here has things so over priced that I have quit going to even look, but maybe I should start again! I love the way you painted it and think it turned out grogeous! I just found your blog through a link party and am your newest follower! if you ever have time come check out mine!


Jeannie and Linda said...

This was a great find, you must have hit the 50% off sale. Good job.

Aunt B said...

Striking transformation! Thanks for sharing this project.

Anonymous said...

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