Monday, October 29, 2012

Mixed media DOLL

I have LOTS of hobbies. Afterall, its healthy right? To stay busy doing things you love? right? yeah that sounds good. At least that's what I tell my sweet hubbster everytime I bring something new home. So I like to visit lots of thrift stores & flea markets and buy little bits of "stuff" things  I know I will use someday. Well here - today I have something I used all those bits on and what transpired is the most amazing, completely magical not spooky at all, and quite the treasure {or so I think}

I had a few doll heads just itching to placed onto something and then I found this amazing oil can and oil spout and well they were made for each other. {right?}
then I added some extra bits like the wheels to the sides of the can to act as arms if you will

the pocket in the front is a metal piece I added and the knob on the front is another separate piece and that 50 is a nail head that pierces through the knob...and for stability I added a vintage camera wheel. I absolutely loved the way this came out and I gotta tell you that this was a TRUE LABOR of LOVE. Meaning I started this last year and just finished it up this year before last weekends show. So
yeah mixed media or not - it's still a bit tough to "PUT IT TOGETHER"
I am pleased to report that this little tin girl SOLD at my show, to a wonderful lady (friend) that I see yearly and she buys  collects my sweet creations.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend...
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have a crafty week


Thursday, October 25, 2012


I just LOVE Halloween - not to mention the season it falls in. prepping for the show that I am a part of this weekend I have been making & creating cool Halloween goodies. Here is one of them. While you may think WTH is this for - maybe there is someone you need to give a Halloween pick - me - up or perhaps a bag of candy to that someone special.
Hey maybe you have a Halloween Birthday - anyway its a cute gift bag and all it uses is some scraps.

sweet and incredibly useful and small enough to make it easy to fill yet big enough to hold
just enough candy.

Just take some fun scraps (literally pieces of left over scrapbooking paper)
cut them up into fun shapes and lay them out in a nice little layout.

add some cut-outs (these are by K & CO) they are glittery too. and a fun stiff bow and
filler up!

I would be tickled pink if I got this fun SWEET HALLOWEEN gift bag filled with some wicked LOOT!
How about you?

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happy haunting

Monday, October 22, 2012


I know you have had to heard of  SQUARE by now. Well if you do craft shows and sell your wares then it's super easy now to accept CREDIT CARDS at a sweet LOW price....and best of all NO bulky machine---just hook it up to your IPHONE and wham - sale=money in your bank account. No, this is NOT a paid write up but I need to share this awesome gadget...SQUARE and its free to join and free to get your own little square swiper

anyway why am I sharing this??? When you your reader they send you a small sticker that shows your clients what kind of credit cards you take. But it was was to small for me so I thought I would try something like this...

cool I know but not a realistic goal - since my show is the 27th of October.
Then I thought of doing it in felt but again too much time involved and I am not precise enough to cut out each letter perfectly. So then I had a LIGHT BULB moment

why not stick to the medium I am most comfortable with and work best using:

and here is my take on the above credit card display...

{winking & dancing}
I am so happy with the way this came out. Like I have been showing it off to everyone that comes over, happy, like I can't wait to display it at my show HAPPY!
All I used is paper, and stickers and a couple of punches...
Not to shabby right? and how incredibly useful. Nice and large so all my customers are able to see it.

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heres wishing you a crafty week

Saturday, October 20, 2012

March of the snowman

Got my little guys ready for the show next the way they look all in a bunch like shabby vintage!

The weather here in so cal is finally feeling like fall - it's about time!

Here's wishing you all a festive weekend - we'll be celebrating my baby girls 10th birthday

Thursday, October 18, 2012

black & white

Holy time gone by BAT this blogging thing sure is taking the back burner.
I have been so busy getting ready for my next show which is the 27th of October
so I am cramming....anyway enough with the excuses...
I have lots to share but today I have a couple of cards that I made
and I used 1 color on a white surface...makes for a screen print feel
I like it and it's totally out of my norm...
what do you think?

cool right?

I think it says Halloween - I like the contrast between the black on white.
not sure if you can see it but I added some bling on the large chandelier
and some glitter glue to the dots up in the right corner. Had to have a little something to bring the card to life.

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here's hoping you are having more free time then I am over on your end.

Happy Friday!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Scrappy love

Oh my sweet scrapbooks have so been ignored as of late...well I was finally able to get a layout done & I am glad I did.

I scrapped a LO of photos of my hubbs & I - reflecting on our past 13 years together...I am super happy with the way it came out!!!!

Hope to get more layouts done soon -especially my project life album!!

Have a great weekend! XO 😘

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

EYE see you

Boy - its wednesday is just speeding by.
I wanted to share some of the things I have been making around these here parts....I saw this in a magazine or online magazine and for the life of me I couldn't find the original source so I can link up - I thought maybe Martha Stewart or Better Homes & gardens but no such luck in the search mode on with site....
Anyway, here she is - yes my daughter but also the super cool magnified EYE glass....
First of all, these magnifying glasses are at the dollar store (yeah coolness)
so I bought one cleaned up the glass

Looked on google images for some cool eye photos and printed them out
the larger the better so they fit nicely into the center of the glass

I used this amazing glue (super stain-y, and sticky on the fingers)
but dries super clear and tacks down most anything...
I added a big glump of glue to the center of the glass
(FYI - after trying it this way I would definitely add less in the center because I had a ton of glue oozing out the edges of the images and because of that I may or may not have used my pants to wipe away the excess - not a good idea)

then I added my cut out eye image and smooshed it in the glass and squeezed out the air bubbles. (FYI - make sure your eye placement is straight and not off center) but once you are have this really cool
creepy Halloween gag piece to lay around  - why not leave it in the bathroom by the toilet :)

moral of this post is: do as I say NOT as I do!!!
and have fun with this...
hope your week is productive and filled with crafty fun.
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Burlap Pumpkin

I rate this *****easy peasy****
Following along my last post of burlap LOVE-I had some scraps left over from making my last pillows so I decided to make one of these cute little pumpkins. I saw this on pinterest and thought - hey cute & easy.
Now I must say my hubby saw it and said - why? why would you need that?
Oh ye of little faith!
so here is what you need to get started...
burlap pins & 1 Styrofoam ball-
cut out circles all the same shape or different sizes
cut the bottom corner off - so you are giving yourself a flat base
fold the circles in half, then in half again and grab the
corner and put the pin in through there

keep adding circles and try to follow the same direction


here is the bottom of the ball that was pre-cut (just with a serrated knife)
I added a small lily pad shaped piece of burlap in brown to the bottom just
so it is finished off.

and there you go a cute burlap pumpkin to add to your Autumn & fall decor.
sweet and if you have time you could use a larger sized Styrofoam ball and make an even bigger pumpkin...

Hope you like it.
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Burlap LOVE

I know I am not the only one with BURLAP love - something rustic about it
yet it can be easily kicked up to shabby or Parisian or holiday-ish.
{Did you know that Burlap came in a bunch of great colors???}
I want to share with you some fun pillows I made using this awesome fabric.

I cut out rectangle shapes of the burlap, sewed up the four sides leaving
an opening to stuff later. Then I got some fun FOAM letter stamps and I used
speed ball ink - but you could use acrylic paint as well.
Then I just went to town. I thought up some fun sayings and just stamped them
out and used some making memories Halloween stamps (images)
I made some larger pillows too and am just finishing them and will
share them later this week.


These are fun to add to your Halloween decorating. They would be great on your
outdoor patio - because they are burlap they can handle the elements.

Just so it's clear. These aren't to be washed unless you make a pillow case for the stuffing.
Because burlap is so cheap - I don't worry much about them getting dirty or
torn. They are cheap enough to toss away.

I will be sharing more fun Halloween projects that you can make and decorate with
between now and October 23...

Happy crafting....
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