Monday, April 17, 2017

A girls trip

Indulge me for a bit - I want to share a trip I recently took-- like I just got home on Saturday...but while it was a girls trip this post isn't about my friends (they are pretty great girls) but this is more about the beauty and architecture of SEATTLE

These are the girls I went with 

arriving in Seattle - it was raining - LOVED that....

Pioneer Square

The art on the street walls - is ALWAYS amazing

Never visit Seattle without going to Pikes Place Market
 it screams SEATTLE plus its a feast for the senses for sure.

The signs are even awesome - Art in itself

The people are so welcoming - this was one of the fish mongers
Mr. Hogue  - lovely fellow

Awesome little shop called Live Color right across from 
Pikes Place - and they offer 4.00 beers - great place to stop and refreh - 

An early dinner at Lowe's 
Clam Chowder Bowl, shrimp cocktail and BEER

This place was a bar that is incorporated into an old hotel and I wanted to go in and have a drink but instead we just walked past it....wah wah wah

The view from the top of the Space Needle

A view from the bottom of the space needle

A view from the front of the Chihuly Garden looking up at the Space Needle at night

Night gossip session starts with food - beer 
cheese curds, salami,  crackers and veggies...

If you know me I am all about shock value
I love making people laugh and this shirt was funny, crass but totally true
it does rain there ALOT.

Fremont Troll
How cool is this ginormous piece of art.

And the under part of the bridge above the troll 
I mean isn't this stunning

Inside the Chihuly terranium looking up at the Space Needle

I love old trees and when they are nicely propped up inside an art glass exhibit well
 its a tin'g of Beauty!
(said with a grumpy boston accent like Mickey from Rocky movies)

Best part of hanging out with my girl friends is trying NEW foods 
and actually this was my pick
HOT POT SOUP served with spicy meat and veggies

I've always turned my nose up at Boba so I tried the milk honey tea with boba and it was yummy. 
I am not a fan of the chewy boba in every sip but I love the flavor of the tea for sure. 
I will definitely try it again.

This was way to spicy for me - I ate some but I think next time I will do more meat and less spice...but it was definitely worth the try.

This is as close as I got to the field - I was hoping to make a game but no one was interested.
Oh well...

On our final night we went and walked the waterfront and I took this photo off the pier right around sunset - isn't it amazing?
 I could live here if given the chance...I love the cold, the rain and the beauty of this city.

This is a shot of the beautiful skyline I took as we were heading out to the airport to leave. 

Until next time SEATTLE - I will truly miss you.

Thanks for letting me share my trip and show you the beauty of this city through my lens.

Hope you had a beautiful Easter.


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Washi rescue-Crafty Girl Ideas

Hey ya'll, I know I am always sharing my new projects but I wanted to share  a new segment that I am calling #CraftyGirlIdeas

This is episode one:

I bought these really cute spring banners in the dollar spot at Target. You know how they change that space up with tons of new fun stuff - I swear I could go broke buying DOLLAR SPOT items - they add up quick...anyway back to my Idea

So I bought these 2 simple banners - cute but a little plain for me...being the crafty chick I am I have buckets of washi tape - that I rarely use but pulled out some and fixed my simple banners...into something stunning...


Plain banners but with cute tassels on the bottom - so I tried to pick washi that matched
its not perfect but its super cute none the less.

I also added some washi to my cute MINI HEIDI SWAPP LIGHTBOX 
isn't she cute and better.

here is an up close shot of my banner on the door - I have two doors and 2 banners but as you can see the sun was not working with me --- Crafty Girl Ideas - not to bad right

Washi can fix anything!!!! I think so, anyway.

Happy Hump Day ya'll