Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bunny Card

Just this morning I was thinking that Easter was this Sunday and that April would be beginning next week and before you know it the end of May will be upon us and my kids will be out of school - already...the end of another school year for my older kids and the end of a first year for my little guy...time sure does fly. a little tangent...sorry.

I have been happily crafting for myself these days and came up with this sweet card that doubles as a gift...

I used scraps of paper from fact or fiction by Basic Grey (my new fave) and my new stamp & die from Paper trey ink and some fun prima flowers & a vintage button - I used a piece of a different paper scrap to add to the bottom kind of in place of ribbon - cool trick - oh and those fun shimmery dots up at the top - the orange chevron piece I turned into a pocket so you could add some cash or a gift card to STARBUCKS (my fave)
I am digging it and best of all it was a quick 15 min card to whip up best yet I am linking this up to the following challenges this week:
crafty boots - flowers
craft it up link party - easter eggstravanganza
abc challenges - easter
365 cards - 20 min or less
creative stamp friends - easter package
Kaboodle doodles- easter or early spring
happy Easter prep...

Monday, March 25, 2013

National Craft Month {share time}

I think it is totally cool that there is such a thing as National Craft Month - because in "MY" world every month is craft month (wink & a smile)I just wanted to take a minute and share some of the fun things I made this MONTH...

my scrapbooks
this one is extra mini 4 x 4 and I used the ever fun papers by basic grey FACT & FICTION of which can be found at Joanne's fabrics (I know - how cool is that)
super hip - dont'cha think?
making some cool magnet boards for my craft booth set up
painting - lots of painting
and painting furniture (or not)
So yeah CRAFT MONTH is every month for me at CASA Curtis---
anyway, just a quick share.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Good Sunday evening to you. I make and sell "schtuff" at Holiday boutiques. One of the biggest issues I have with myself is my booth set up. I usually have tables and filled with more schtuff then I know what to do with...and my stuff usually lays flat..
BORING... I have had some help from friends and they have advised to raise things to eye level or stack stuff so that things sit up...tried it all and over the years things have evolved but still not where I think it could be....So after searching over Pinterest and seeing some cool ideas and working with what I have...Here is my newest idea
I had a set of SHUDDERS that I paid 25.00 years ago. My hubby took out 2 slats on each set of shudders...and added 2 8ft pieces of wood boards
I had found this cool book shelf for 5.00 at a yard sale. I painted it with milk paint and placed it under the wooden shelves of the shudders. I think I like it ---

Its big and spreads out around 6 feet wide and the slats work as a place to hang stuff from too.

and it still has room for some stand up items between the book shelf and the shudders. Neat right?
Here is the final set up - that I used at my last show.

Plenty of space for lots of stuff - don't you think?
sweet dreams
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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Needle & Thread


I like to think I am super crafty. The Queen of Craft...{heehee just kidding of course) but I CAN do a lot. Except of course, as I have stated I am not a GREAT seamstress. I so wish I were - another thing I would like to learn or master is EMBROIDERY. I see all the wonderful hoops displaying peoples work and I am just in AWE...

But because I am the crafty type and have a bit of ADHD when crafting is involved - here are my newest attempts at hoop embroidery...

a bit on the cute-sie side...

obnoxious - I know.

sarcastic...yes, it just exudes me --- but I like it a lot.
As you can see I have a few basic techniques down but I know there are so many more stitches yet to learn.
I am thinking about listing these on etsy but not sure yet. I am going to link these up with the following parties:
happy crafting

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Handmade table cloths

I have something to share with you today.  An idea I am sure you have heard of or seen before but something that came out of sheer necessity - Isn't that the mother of all inventions? I mean isn't it when you are the most desperate that you come up with the most amazing ideas.
Here is how my idea came about.
I do craft boutiques and was borrowing a friend of mines burlap table cloths for about the last year and 1/2 or so - when she asked for them back last Christmas I figured I need something just as cool - while burlap is inexpensive it doesn't come in the right width or length...so I looked around and didn't really like any of the other fabrics out there. then I remembered that I had heard people were using drop cloths for pillows and curtains...so I went to Home Depot to look for a drop cloth and they come in several sizes I bought 9 ft. by 12 ft which if cut in half you can cover (2) 6 foot tables with plenty of over hang on all 4 sides. I bought an extra 6ft by 9ft to make ruffles with
I gotta tell you that I thought drop cloths were a cream color almost like a canvas but this one was kind of grey-ish and really thick - kind of vintage & French in look. LOVE IT!

I know its hard to see the true color and texture here but its quite nice.

Here is the table cloth with ruffles in its true colors

Here is an up close look at the ruffles.
Can I just say that I think I should have thunk it through a bit better...
doesn't lay as nicely as I had hoped.
I love this material and I am just thinking up the projects I can do with this - maybe some shabby French pillows oh the ideas are endless and this was way cheap....
I am linking this up to the following parties this week:
happy crafting

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I heard you were feeling a bit out of sorts lately. It might be the something in the air...it may be the flu...it may just be too much on your plate. But I wanted to let you know that you are not alone...I am feeling it too.

I am deep in Spring Boutique prep mode...I feel your scattered-ness. My brain is all over the place too...I am jumping from here to there to here...Here take a look at what I am dealing with...
 Bottle cap magnets
beautifully smelling sachets


and my scrapbooks

 I think it is the time of year...SPRING...where we all feel hurried to clean up and straighten up - refreshing if you will. SO don't feel bad or alone...because we are all feeling it too.
It'll pass and life will calm down again...I promise
Here's wishing you a great week

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A challenge

Like many of you I am enamored of the incredible Mr. Tim Holtz...I have a small hoard collection of his embellishments, paints, papers - oh you name it I've got it (and bad) I keep thinking that if I have and use his stuff my end product will be JUST as magnificent as his (Highly unlikely) a girl can hope right?
So recently TIM put out a challenge.
a tattered florals challenge to be exact...(here's his photo) beautiful right?
He has a tutorials for all those that haven't tried playing with these yet and he shows you how to make these flowers in that there photo...O.K. so lucky for me I have this die and have used it in the past to make some fun wearable floral pins but I also made some that I cut with grunge paper and covered with some of his scrapbook paper that I just happened to have found in my stash....
then I layered a few (like below) I cut some fabric
to add in between flowers and some felt

I made a few and added them to this very cool frame I found at Michaels (I sprayed it blue) and instead using it as a frame I added some metal plating to make a fun MAGNET BOARD.

Here is a full shot of the board - pretty cool right?

up close and cool-ness

Here is a shot of the whole board again, I forgot to mention that I added a mini decorated clothes pin up in the corner to add an additional functional accent - to hold up a note or a photo. Isn't this a neat idea? toot - toot...(my own horn)
Love me something cute and functional...I am linking this up to the following challenges:
happy crafting, xo