Monday, March 25, 2013

National Craft Month {share time}

I think it is totally cool that there is such a thing as National Craft Month - because in "MY" world every month is craft month (wink & a smile)I just wanted to take a minute and share some of the fun things I made this MONTH...

my scrapbooks
this one is extra mini 4 x 4 and I used the ever fun papers by basic grey FACT & FICTION of which can be found at Joanne's fabrics (I know - how cool is that)
super hip - dont'cha think?
making some cool magnet boards for my craft booth set up
painting - lots of painting
and painting furniture (or not)
So yeah CRAFT MONTH is every month for me at CASA Curtis---
anyway, just a quick share.


Alison said...

Fantastic makes Tina, I love your little book!
Your booth looks amazing too!
Alison xx

TonicBomb said...

I always love your books, i keep watching for more.... ooopsy with the paint can huh? So are you going to paint the whole floor now? :P