Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mantel make-over

This year I had a plan to make some serious changes in my life - to live with PURPOSE! I wanted to do things like get in better shape, eat healthier, make some changes in my home, start using what I have and less shopping! I gotta tell you that my list was long...and I am proud to say that I have made lots of progress....I have begun doing some make-overs in our bedroom trying real hard to make do with what I have! I will share those changes soon.

Today I wanted to share my mantel makeover

I have changed this a lot over the years, but never so drastically as this. Here is the before with all the wall art taken down

As you can see the wall is yucky! That faux mantel has been there for 14 years at least and its was dated like way dated...all those little blotches are putty to cover the holes from all the nails I put into it. 

Here is the new mantel and its surround...

Here is an upclose shot - took down the old faux mantel piece - repainted the whole fireplace white and a huge patch up the wall!!! I have to admit that I did that becuase the idea of painting the whole living room seemed daunting and way more work then I had planned. I am planning on making some artwork to place in that space soon. But I decorated the top of the mantel with things I already owned - just took them out of the garage and re-worked some pieces I had around the house already. I live the look of this - time worn...with pops of color and some vintage pieces added in. 

Love the look of it all! I share again when the artwork is up.

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Happy Hump Day and here's to your New Years reorganizing plan! 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Been crafting a bunch this past week & after close inspection I have noticed a trend in my color choices - 

Can't blame me right? I mean these colors just scream HAPPY!!! 

These all have been listed in my etsy shop in case you just have to have it 😀

Happy crafting!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Disney Love

I meet alot of great people when I do my shows every year and last year I did a show and met a very nice lady who bought one of my albums for a friend of hers so she got in touch with me and asked me to make some albums for an upcoming family trip to DisneyWorld with her 4 year old girls. Of course, it was my pleasure.

Here are the girls albums...

The girls are 4 so I kept it fun and happy and filled it with lots of embellishments of some very special people they will most likely meet soon.

Just added some die cuts here and there 

Including the Mouse himself...I wanted the photos to really stand out.

All my embellishments are not tacked down all the way - because I want the photos to slide right under the die cuts so they make the page.

The Castle, 

The Princesses...oh how they will squeel when they see them up close...

Here is the 2nd album...

Mom asked for a pink and purple album - so I used both colors in both books...

see how cute 

princess power - just changed up the embellishments

cute simple and distinctly different

Purple power

and more pretty Princesses.

I can't wait for the girls and their mommy to see these albums and tomorrow I willbe sharing moms album - completely different and a bit more grown up. 

Wait till you see it - Ok. barb, if you are seeing these let me know what you think...

Happy Crafting ya'll.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Crafty Goal

This year I made some different goals, I mean I made the typical goals or resolutions but I also made some goals for my business and my crafting hobby. One of the Goals I had was to learn to weave. I have seen so many beautiful pieces of wovem art on instagram and fell in love from afar. I didn't look on youtube for viedoas on how to start - I just decided to use what I had and figure it out.

I had a bunch of different thicknesses of yarn in my studio and some large embroidery hoops - The only thing I bought was some turquoise yarn becuase I wanted it to go well with my kitchen decor. 

These are the steps that I took to do my woven hoop. I used gray yarn to make the vertical lines and sandwhiched them between the 2 hoops then tightened the hoops shut then I used that same yarn to wrap the entire outer portion of the hoop - to cover up the wood. 

Then I wove the yarn in and out of the vertical pieces and varied the colors to my liking - I didn't
make it too difficult. 

This close up shows all the different thicknesses of yarn I used. That first row of gray yarn and that second row of gray are the same yarn I just Doubled the yarn up and looped that through the vertical pieces tp create a thicker feel to the whole weaving. I did the same for the turquoise yarn. I have to tell you that I fell in love with that color of turquoise and want to add it to every inch of my house...hahaha silly but that color really makes me happy.

I finished the piece off with some extra lengths of yarn around the bottom so they can dangle and flow. 

Here it is in my kitchen arranged amongst all my other wall art. 

I absolutely love it. I would like to learn to do it right, and perhaps maybe I will take a class but for today, I can check another goal off my list and am totally satisfied with how it came out. To be perfectly honest - it took a little longer then I would have hoped - I have little patience but that is another thing on my goal list to work on. More patience. Do you know of a good way to "get" more patience? Can I buy some? 

Here's to hoping you are getting your goals and resolutions accomplished this year. 

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Happy Crafting


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

quick make-over

This is a quick an easy fix to a minor hiccup - My husband know how much I love list making and keeping planners so he made a sweet gesture when he brought home this little calendar.

a bit to plumber-ish (Call Webster's I just made up a new word) 

I mean if I was an ordinary girl I would just leave it like it is and just write in it...but I am far from ordinary!!!!

So like real fast I created a new cover for it a bit more MY style.

Used some basic 

N I didn't use sheets for this but you know that insert that comes wedged between sheets and pillow cases? Well that is what I used it was already creased so I just had to cut it down and use the cardboard.

made the appropriate marks to cut down the cardboard.

in the photo above you see the piece in the middle the fold or the spine, well I cut that right down the center on both sides and laid it down in the center of the paper and added adhesive and did the same for the front - you can see in this photo the tape lines on the left side of the cover...

here it is - WAY BETTER like 100% - but please dont look to closely or you will notice that I cut it a bit shorter on one side then the other.

But isn't my husband sweet? I mean he tried and if you think sbout it he knows me - he knew I would like a calendar and Best of all he knew I could do something with it! Gotta Love a guy who tries!

Here's to your quick make-overs and the luck of having a hubsnad who knows you!

BTW - I am using this little calendar to keep track of my food intake - ugh!!! what a terrible subject to keep track, wouldn't you say!

Happy Crafting

Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 new Layout

My goodness it's been so long since I scrapbooked a layout let alone a double page spread but I have been wanting to do a layout of my movie ticket stubs. 

Be warned I am a serious movie goer like every month once or twice, is that bad? Who cares really - it makes me happy! 

So here is a very easy layout that uses very few embellishments 

Notice my cool drawing skills! But really this is mostly about the stubs not so much the look of the layout! 

Here's page 2-

See how minimal the embellishments are? And all my writing and not so perfect at that but it's Me! 

See how much we love the movies - and already have my first stub of the new year -can you guess what it is? 

Yup STAR WARS - THE FORCE AWAKENS - it is so worth going to see! It was awesome!!!!

Well it's a start to my scrapbook "to do" list! 

Happy Sunday and happy crafting!


Saturday, January 2, 2016


HappyNew year to you - so I wanted to post on January 1st to start off the new year right and looks like I made it in the nic of time - well I started before midnight anyway,

I am feeling especially motivated today - I have been super excited and eager to get started on planning and thinking ahead to this New Year. Like really stoked. I bought a bunch of new supplies to get myself organized and am organizing my supplies just to prep for the YEAR! 

Along with planning for the new year I was trying hard to think of MY WORD for this year and I came up with one by accident - it's PURPOSE or more precise it's to do with PUrPOSE.

              Photo credit/my husband 

We took our kids to the beach today, we have been doing that for the past 4 years and today as per norm the day was lovely! It was around 63 degrees and no wind and the sun, as per norm, was hot and bright. Quite glorious I would say!  I took it all in and was truly in awe of what GOD created. I mean look at the photo above. Shear beauty!

                Photo credit/me

Ok back to my WORD - so the idea or premise is to Live with purpose to do all things with purpose and give it my all, live in the now. 

I make resolutions every year and I always without fail kind of fizzle out and push them aside!!! I hate quitters and well that would push me to the leader of quitters with that attitude. 

This year will be different! I am holding myself accountable and have this crazy surge in me to make all my plans WORK! 

I have so much to be thankful for and I want to pay it forward! This is a great year to start some good habits and keep track of my stats! 

I sure hope you had a fun New Years Eve, I hope you spent it with your love and that you are able to move past last years mistakes and give your self permission to start new.

Happy Nee Year - much love


Ps - my craftiness is in overdrive have so much to share! Stay tuned