Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mantel make-over

This year I had a plan to make some serious changes in my life - to live with PURPOSE! I wanted to do things like get in better shape, eat healthier, make some changes in my home, start using what I have and less shopping! I gotta tell you that my list was long...and I am proud to say that I have made lots of progress....I have begun doing some make-overs in our bedroom trying real hard to make do with what I have! I will share those changes soon.

Today I wanted to share my mantel makeover

I have changed this a lot over the years, but never so drastically as this. Here is the before with all the wall art taken down

As you can see the wall is yucky! That faux mantel has been there for 14 years at least and its was dated like way dated...all those little blotches are putty to cover the holes from all the nails I put into it. 

Here is the new mantel and its surround...

Here is an upclose shot - took down the old faux mantel piece - repainted the whole fireplace white and a huge patch up the wall!!! I have to admit that I did that becuase the idea of painting the whole living room seemed daunting and way more work then I had planned. I am planning on making some artwork to place in that space soon. But I decorated the top of the mantel with things I already owned - just took them out of the garage and re-worked some pieces I had around the house already. I live the look of this - time worn...with pops of color and some vintage pieces added in. 

Love the look of it all! I share again when the artwork is up.

I plan on linking this up to the following parties: 

Happy Hump Day and here's to your New Years reorganizing plan! 

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