Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Making the most

I am sure we all have our obssesions - you know those of you that love Diet Coke, those of you that eat chocolate daily or those that spend every free moment at the gym...well I have a severe obssesion with PAPER...mostly paper kits if I can get them. By kits I mean the paper pad (preferably 12 x 12) and the embellishments, stickers, chipboard and die cuts. I like to have the whole collection and fore the most part I use it all - there are always a few bits left over but then you can make cards or other art projects. 

Recently I bought the new kit called SNOW DAY? by Pebbles Inc. and it only came with the 6 x 6 paper pad which had 36 papers, yes thats alot but 24 designs? I know - weird, I like 2 of each design always it makes for better coverage when I am making my albums...but I digress It also came with washi tape, dies, stickers and chipboard stickers...lots to play with. Here is what I was able to make with the whole kit...

2 albums - same colors but different themes - I think those princesses are from Frozen but I could be wrong - I was also able to make some cards with the left over bits 

Cute right? Different but similar - as you can tell I still need to add some sentiments to the fronts. But all in all they came out cute right? I have maybe a few sheets of paper left and lots of little die cuts left for more ideas to come later.

There you have it...always use up your goodies and get the most out of all your paper kits.

Have a great crafty week.

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