Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Mint-Product review

I bought a MINT which in case you hadnt heard it is a personal rubber stamp making machine. I got a great deal on it and it came with a bunch of extra inks and stamps. I decided to try and figure it out on my own without the help of my husband. Me and my husband have this kind of relationship where I buy something really cool and then he figured it out and masters using said items.

This time I did it all by myself. So this is what the MINT kit came with 

this is the machine itself small really with respects to what it can do - my iphone 6s is next to it. You plug it into your computer so that it can link up.

so first thing you need to do is open up the program on your computer. The cool thing is that you need the SIlhouette machine...the mint program can be used with just computer and the machine. Genius and money saver. YOu get a bunch of freebies to use and you can buy some other iamges with the free 25.00 they give you for buying the machine - smiley faces)
I was trying to make a stamp to match my new bussiness cards...I picked these amazing flowers and attached them to the template size of stamp I was trying to make and then added words 

you can move the words around until you get it right

once you get it how you like it - you send it to print and within seconds its done. 

and if you think wait how will i know what to print and how to reverse the image or wondering if it is going to fit DONT it does it for you. I mean really easy. like even a monkey could do it. 

then the piece come out and you attach it to the block and its there all in black face up - you see it.

That gives you the opportunity to add which ever colors you want on each word or image on your stamp.

Here is the photo of the initial inking process - it says you have to stamp it a few times to get the colors mixed and stop bleeding. As you can see by my attempts it took around 8 stamps to get the bleeding to level out.

It also gives you stickers to stamp and attach to the stamp blocks so you know which stamp is of what while the lid is on. 

Here is another style stamp I created. as you can see this was a FAIL sort of - I made the print to small and it seems to just puddle the ink in that center area. So that would be my advice - keep the letters big "enough" so you don't get puddling.

Ok so there you have it my very first product review and - next timeI think I'llmake a video or take lots more photos so that you can see each step.

Have you tried any other do-it-yourself- stamping machines? I would love to make some bigger then this next time. 

Ok happy middle of the week.

talk to you soon.

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