Friday, August 19, 2016

Playing with Felt

I am an avid crafter and even more dedicated scrapbooker and because of that I have all the tools needed in the paper crafting area. I used to have a cuttlebug die cut machine and sold it to pay for the Sizzix Vagabond and on occasion I pull the beastly thing out and die cut  all day long - My studio space is part of the living room so I I don't have all my tools out with easy access. One day..I will but for now I have to pull it out on the kitchen table and die cut my heart out.

This week I took a day and die cut felt flowers for use on some banners and some other projects but I had a specific project in mind.

Let me share - here I am die cutting - I like when I can cut a lot out of each run of the machine...

Here are all my flowers - just waiting for some fun projects...Made lots and it took a few hours...

So I found this cool felt pouch at a local thrift store and I thought I could use it for something - I was really hoping it would fit my IPAD air - it was only 1.99 so I figured - what the heck.

Heres the pouch... simple but well sewn.

This is what the front of the pouch looks like which I accented it with those felt flowers I cut
cute right?

and this is back of the pouch - didn't it come out great. Very girly but then again - I am a girls girl.

and best part was

It fit my IPAD - BONUS!!!!

When you stop to think about it - customizing anything that needs a little personality is quite easy and felt flowers well - you can't go wrong with those lovelies...

You can add this to the file of

Here's wishing you a great weekend.

Happy Crafting

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

It's that time again.

It's August and already I am prepping for the FALL. Which Don't know about you but FALL, Autumn and Halloween are hands down my favorite season of the year.

So to get things stated I made a few albums and some sweet cards that I  wanted to share them with you...
Here is one of the cards, nice right?

How fun and cozy is this album? I love it.

Here is another card -
looking at these colors get me all happy inside because I am counting the days
until the leaves change and the weather cools down...

Just wanted to stop in real quick and share some fun new projects I am working on.

Happy Crafting.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

GoodWill Hutch - UPDATED

Three years ago - I made the ultimate find when I scored this cool HUTCH over at Goodwill for 70.00 and I shared the whole make-over on this post

this is what the original hutch looked like

It was a funky 1970's brown

totally needed a lot of work but what a steal

here was the finished pieced - I painted it a light gray with soft blue highlights and added a cream color on the inside

and here she was all put together with all my "STUFF" - not bad right, for a thrift store find?

Fast forward to this past weekend -- since I posted these photos (3 years ago) - we have gotten our kitchen renovated. New floors, new cabinets and new wall paint. So I felt it was time to change up our Hutch to match our new kitchen. It only took three years to decide to mess with perfection -

So this past weekend I did it - it went fast because here in Southern California it was 100' hot - so it dried really quick.

Here she is - looking dapper and FRESH

Yes I chose a white - not off white, or creamy white but solid WHITE and can you see there up close

Notice the change up in what I put into the hutch (much better looking - for sure)

Painted the entire inside white and

sanded the edges to give it that shabby rustic look - our cabinets in the kitchen are white and the walls are gray and the floors are gray wooden panels - so I think the white hutch helps you eye follow around the whole kitchen.

I will have to take a panoramic photo of the whole kitchen so you can see the whole thing put together!

Not only was this hutch a great find, it was also a great price at 70.00 and now I have had it for 3 years and its gone thru 2 changes in color and a complete over haul for my kitchen.
It also helped me purge the "stuff" I really didn't need inside the hutch - notice all the turquoise, white & red accents - kept it cohesive and un-cluttered!!!

Hope you like it and remember there is nothing embarrassing about shopping at thrift stores and you never know when you will stumble upon a gem in the rough :-)

Happy Hunting