Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Let me help you

Hey there - boy it’s really hard to keep up with this here old blog of mine but I definitely plan on working harder to get it done more often then I have been. 

I wanted to tell you that I Love Scrapbooking/paper crafts, in case you didn’t know.  Recently I had he pleasure of meeting a nice woman that saw my work at a craft show in Claremont, Ca. During my shows I meet lots of people and give my card out and hope to reconnect someday, but it rarely happens. THis January, she called and asked me to help her daughter make Valentine’s Day cards for them and 2 I went and we did and she was thrilled and learned she was a Doctor and she started telling me that she wanted to do more parties and I said sure anytime let me know. 

Fast forward to yesterday - she called and asked if I’d help her with her daughters school project. She needed an album that would showcase Costa Rica - I said sure and  I got it done - check it out 

Here is the cover - I covered up her name but I was able to find 1 piece of scrapbook paper with Costa Rica theme - only one!!! 

Inside pages 

I added these long mats for her to cut out her type writing and glue down on the yellow CS - helps it stand out 

These are the page headers - I made them and cut them out and inked them so that she could add them where she wanted to - makes it her project 

Anyway, I was happy to help. Sure an adult doing the project for the kid but some of the projects are so unrealistic and absurd to think a kid in 5th grade could finish it on their own. 
Trust me - we literally just did a project for our 5th grader for a science fair - that not only cost us 40.00 for supplies but was so detailed that it was impossible for our boy to stay focused long enough to finish it. I mean come on...make the projects fun and exciting but easy enough for them to get it done on their own. 

Well that’s my take on the whole school project idea...I sure hope that my friend likes it but more so that her daughter is proud of what she turns in! 

If you need me to help out with your kids school project or need help with a scrapbook - let me know and I’ll be happy to help you!! 

Have a beautiful day friends!!!