Thursday, May 31, 2012

The one about Mosaics

I have always had a fondness for mosaics and especially the really lovely ones that have a
wonderful pattern and look like something cool...well years ago I bought this bunch of broken dishes and
tiles at a yard sale for like 2 bucks and they sat for years
so Wednesday night I decided
to make I took this old bird bath (with the hubbs help)

and added some broken plates and tile pieces all over the base
and then added some fun birds I created in my pottery class
here is an up close shot....just needs some grout

then I went a little crazy and added some tiles to a fence post -
I thought it needed some colors - besides I think this will look cool in my

and since I still had more tiles & plate parts I took and old window frame
and added some to that too - can you see my backyard already...
just gleaming with funky artwork...can't wait.

lovin' it!----and as you can see I STILL have more tiles left over---eeks
but look how pretty I made all these drab-ho hum things that were laying
untouched all over my yard....LOVE-see I was right can never leave well enough alone....

so now the grout and then perfection! You got any cool projects you are working on?
I would love to stop by and see them. Have a great weekend in case I don't see you.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the one about makin'something pretty

I am the type of person that can't leave well enough alone...
truly in all aspects of my life...sharing information, touching up kids hair in a rush,
even arguing....I suppose I could call it my 1 character flaw...hahaha if only I had just ONE.

Anyway, I have a bad habit of being disorganized and I have calendars up all over my house
with lists of things I have to recently I bought a new planner (another attempt to stay organized)

and it was a lovely shade of blue
see here:
see not bad - but it needed something to make it really my own...

see really simple and roomy 

and so after adding some papers, some punched pieces and inking my edges
I think it really looks like something I made & would own...

Do you do things like this? Add your own personal touch to things?
I sure hope I am not the only one...

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have a wonderful night


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the one about Project Life May 1-21

wowzers - Project life is NOT as easy to keep up with as
I thought it would be. But by the time I get the photos uploaded,
printed and scrapped - well sometimes a few days or weeks pass.
But luckily for me, project life is not RIGID - it really is for me and my family. So there is no deadlines...thank goodness

May was crazy busy - with end of year celebrations, birthdays, mother's day and some fun outings we went on thru my hubbies work....

Here are my PROJECT LIFE layouts for MAY...

beginning of may

2nd week

and the final week.

I am trying to keep up with this - it is my goal.

Hope you are playing along too.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

the one about WHY?

I know with age sometimes people feel the urge to find their purpose.
Some may even call it a mid-life crisis...while I am not in my 50's and I don't
believe that I am going through a mid-life crisis but I do feel that I have not
quite found my niche in the blogging world.
I have asked WHY? alot - what am I not doing that everyone else is...
why is MY blog not as cool as everyone elses's and I know lots of bloggers have also
blogged about that in the past - so it is not totally a crazy idea to wonder about.

What I have come to know for a fact is that you have to be fully o.k. with YOURSELF
in order to be o.k. with y our surroundings. I have to BLOG for me and I have to blog about
what I LOVE...not for followers, not for free stuff, not for comments but FOR ME.
I hope to make this NEW BLOG - a true piece of myself...and share what I love -
My life is a mess (4 kids will do that) my home is usually a mess and my crafting is definitely messy...
but it's MY LIFE and I wouldn't trade it for nothin'

So I hope you will join me in my journey and maybe try some of my ideas and hey better yet let's be friends...

Thanks for stopping by.