Monday, May 28, 2012

the one about WHY?

I know with age sometimes people feel the urge to find their purpose.
Some may even call it a mid-life crisis...while I am not in my 50's and I don't
believe that I am going through a mid-life crisis but I do feel that I have not
quite found my niche in the blogging world.
I have asked WHY? alot - what am I not doing that everyone else is...
why is MY blog not as cool as everyone elses's and I know lots of bloggers have also
blogged about that in the past - so it is not totally a crazy idea to wonder about.

What I have come to know for a fact is that you have to be fully o.k. with YOURSELF
in order to be o.k. with y our surroundings. I have to BLOG for me and I have to blog about
what I LOVE...not for followers, not for free stuff, not for comments but FOR ME.
I hope to make this NEW BLOG - a true piece of myself...and share what I love -
My life is a mess (4 kids will do that) my home is usually a mess and my crafting is definitely messy...
but it's MY LIFE and I wouldn't trade it for nothin'

So I hope you will join me in my journey and maybe try some of my ideas and hey better yet let's be friends...

Thanks for stopping by.



Kristie said...

I totally understand! I've had this revelation several times over the last year. I kept my blog addy the same but changed the title 3 times and finally am happy with it. I hope your new blog is everything you want it to be and more!

craftytrog said...

Your life sounds like my life hun, nothing's ever organised or tidy here in our house! lol! Keep enjoying your blogging, you're doing a fab job of it, I love seeing your life pages
Alison xx

tamdoll said...

I hear you. I've been blogging for years & as soon as I got comfortable with it, I started to feel like it was too old. Things change so fast online also. Now video podcasting seems to be very popular. What's next???