Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Never again

I know that we are all obsessed with Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram...and I am Pinning all these cool scrapbook albums I want to try, so I go on YouTube and find a few that look amazing and the videos are simple enough to follow so I try this one...its a folio type album

I used the coolest paper by Graphic 45 - the Steampunk Collection and created this cool album.

I got the how-to from #MySistersScrapper on YouTube - they have the coolest album how-tos and sometimes they just share a completed album and all the things they used in the album.

See the waterfall folio aspect - cool right?
So I went back to their YouTube channel and found another album which I wanted to try and appeared simple enough...
Well I had trouble with it...I mean maybe not trouble but I don't measure very accurately so it caused some this album took me 3 nights to complete...much longer then I like to spend on one album...
Argh...definitely on my list of never again. It looks o.k. but not nearly as cool as My SistersScrapper
bummer for me - but I wanted to share it anyway...Here are a few photos:
this is the cover -
Lovely right?
made of chipboard and papers by Market Street by My Minds Eye
Here's the inside view: I used envelopes as the it was tricky to put them together and make them work out o.k. so that I can add the inserts later....

the pages flip upward instead of out like a book

ok I take that back they open and flip up....

Then I added some inserts into certain flaps as seen below...

It's cute right? But it took to long. I am an instant-gratification type of girl.
Anyway, this was my one hit wonder with these types of albums. Now on to the next Pinned goody!
Happy Crafting and may you have more patience in your next project then I did.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Travel Buddy

About 2 years ago, we went on our first ever across STATES (Like more then 3) "Road Trip" - it was an ordeal to pack for and get car ride activities together for so much time spent in the car. Once that was taken care of we took off and traveled - We went to

Las Vegas then into Utah then Wyoming up to Montana and once in Bozeman, Montana

I was in awe of the sights, the beauty of the land and the small towns and the shops...I hadn't brought too much in the way of Crafty supplies with me so while visiting the shops in Bozeman I found a small quilt shop - I decided that I would make a doll that I could photograph with at ALL the STATE Signs along our trip...I can sew decently but hand sewing is NOT a strong suit of mine. I havnet mastered the art of the Blind Stitch...So I made up a cute, funky, crude but simply made doll. To prove that I had NO idea or direction in what I wanted this doll to look like - I created a sort of Halloween inspired doll...what the heck...anyway it came out looking like this:

The entire body is hand stitched and the hair is knotted then stitched on to her head..the face was embroidered on and the outfit was crudely put together. Once she was done I put her to work!!!
This was on roadtrip 2015 this summer
first stop
Hadn't come in to Nevada this route before...

Small dry sleepy town Reno has nothing on Vegas.

Cute photo of newly named Road Trip Rita!

Another sleepy town

Made it into Utah

and Into the most amazing part of Utah - the Beautiful town of Bear Lake...
Someday this is where we want to retire!!!

This was cool being in 2 states at once...happened to us twice on this trip.
Once here and once before

Once here
cool right?

This is on the final leg of our trip and yes it was a doozy - I think this was the last of our road trips for awhile because my one daughter is a Sophomore and well she is getting deeply involved in sports and practices & clinics are always held in the summer (insert sad face) so I have put Road Trip Rita up for awhile and proudly she has served us well. Two road trips now and so many happy memories!!!
Here's hoping you are having a wonderful summer and savoring all your memories.
I will be linking this up to the following parties this week:

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Playing with scraps

Recently I made up a mini scrapbook for a baby boy using some fun papers by Pebbles Inc. and I had these small scraps left over. If you are anything like me you know that its a real dilemma to throw away designer paper, then you tend to hoard those scraps and well the pile grows and grows and soon you have paper bit coming out of everywhere and sometimes even finding a home on your work space floor...hate that!

This time the paper was exceptionally cute so I decided to make up some cards with them and best part is that they are similar but not identical.'

Aren't the colors on this card the sweetest?

And just by changing the scrap pieces and the stickers you get another sweet card

Here they are next to each other so you can see how they resemble each other ---
I am totally loving the colors on these cards
I will sharing these in the following challenges:
Crafting with an Attitude - anything goes
Cute Card Thursday - anything goes
Happy Crafting.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Getting Scrappy

With my layouts that is!  I had a friend over recently and she asked me about my scrap booking habits and whether I was up to Date? I mean is anyone ever? But it got me thinking that I needed to try and catch up or at least get some layouts done while my memory of the day was fresh in my head.

So here is my most recent layouts

I made 2  seperate layouts using photos from the same outing...which was a trip to Solano Beach in San Diego county. The above layout was talking about our Summer starting 

This layout was more about me as their mom with journaling about the trip...I like how I can decide how to use my photos...the beauty of scrap booking is there are NO rules! 

Happy crafting!!!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Promised more

and here it is:

The last of the projects I created using the SIMPLE STORIES Say Cheese paper kit ---

12 x 12 scrapbooking layout - that is ready for you to add your photos to.

All the embellishments came in the kit - can you stand the cuteness

It screams Disney but not to childish...

could use your grown up pics that were taken at Disneyland...
Here is the other side of the above layout
Aren't the colors cool -

Love the Kraft, light blue, red and gold all mixed together.

The pops of black are perfect in the mix - Loving the look of these pages.
O.k. so I have a few more items form this pack to share so stay tuned and also if you are interested in this double sided 12 x 12 scrapbook layout then please head over to my etsy shop and pick it up.
Have beautiful night sleep.