Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Never again

I know that we are all obsessed with Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram...and I am Pinning all these cool scrapbook albums I want to try, so I go on YouTube and find a few that look amazing and the videos are simple enough to follow so I try this one...its a folio type album

I used the coolest paper by Graphic 45 - the Steampunk Collection and created this cool album.

I got the how-to from #MySistersScrapper on YouTube - they have the coolest album how-tos and sometimes they just share a completed album and all the things they used in the album.

See the waterfall folio aspect - cool right?
So I went back to their YouTube channel and found another album which I wanted to try and appeared simple enough...
Well I had trouble with it...I mean maybe not trouble but I don't measure very accurately so it caused some this album took me 3 nights to complete...much longer then I like to spend on one album...
Argh...definitely on my list of never again. It looks o.k. but not nearly as cool as My SistersScrapper
bummer for me - but I wanted to share it anyway...Here are a few photos:
this is the cover -
Lovely right?
made of chipboard and papers by Market Street by My Minds Eye
Here's the inside view: I used envelopes as the it was tricky to put them together and make them work out o.k. so that I can add the inserts later....

the pages flip upward instead of out like a book

ok I take that back they open and flip up....

Then I added some inserts into certain flaps as seen below...

It's cute right? But it took to long. I am an instant-gratification type of girl.
Anyway, this was my one hit wonder with these types of albums. Now on to the next Pinned goody!
Happy Crafting and may you have more patience in your next project then I did.

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