Wednesday, March 7, 2018

New tool review

Hello ya’ll - today I wanted to share this cool new tool that I purchased from 

First of all my why? For buying this tool:
So for Christmas my hubbs bought me a new planner for the new year and I love the happy planner and have had several but the one he bought was the Large memory keeping planner which meant that the normal happy planner stickers I already own didn’t fit the new larger squares. 
If it sounds like I’m complaining - I’m not promise...I love this planner because it serves as a monthly scrapbook!!! 
And truthfully I have been making do with what I have. 

But when michaels had a sale online I decided to take the plunge and I bought this punch and the smaller one for the original happy planner 

So this time I had used the punch to punch paper to fill up the squares 

It’s super easy to use 

Just insert the paper into the punch - no lining up necessary just push through and push down 

And look how cute - fits the squares in the larger planner so easily and I love it. I have seen some planner folks who add stickers and paper to each square which is a lot, just my personal opinion. This is after I punched and adhered the paper squares in a clean layout.

This is the completed layout for this week. Cute right?

If you use light colored papers they are easily written on. And then I just used the “regular” happy planner stickers to add some accents to different areas and even drew on a couple of squares but left plenty of space to write in and left spots to add more in later. 

Review=my thoughts 

Is it worth the money (24.95 minus 30% w/coupon) YES
Is it easy to use: YES 
Is it necessary: YES I think so, unless they come out with a whole new line of stickers that fit and if I choose to buy more then yes, it’s nice to be able to customize my planner with papers and photos that fit the squares 
Details-forgot to mention that it can punch through pictures too which is perfect for my scrapbooking purposes.

I give this tool two thumbs up and totally worth the money!

Happy Crafting ya’ll! 
PS-I think you can only purchase these online right now...not sold in stores. 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Let me help you

Hey there - boy it’s really hard to keep up with this here old blog of mine but I definitely plan on working harder to get it done more often then I have been. 

I wanted to tell you that I Love Scrapbooking/paper crafts, in case you didn’t know.  Recently I had he pleasure of meeting a nice woman that saw my work at a craft show in Claremont, Ca. During my shows I meet lots of people and give my card out and hope to reconnect someday, but it rarely happens. THis January, she called and asked me to help her daughter make Valentine’s Day cards for them and 2 I went and we did and she was thrilled and learned she was a Doctor and she started telling me that she wanted to do more parties and I said sure anytime let me know. 

Fast forward to yesterday - she called and asked if I’d help her with her daughters school project. She needed an album that would showcase Costa Rica - I said sure and  I got it done - check it out 

Here is the cover - I covered up her name but I was able to find 1 piece of scrapbook paper with Costa Rica theme - only one!!! 

Inside pages 

I added these long mats for her to cut out her type writing and glue down on the yellow CS - helps it stand out 

These are the page headers - I made them and cut them out and inked them so that she could add them where she wanted to - makes it her project 

Anyway, I was happy to help. Sure an adult doing the project for the kid but some of the projects are so unrealistic and absurd to think a kid in 5th grade could finish it on their own. 
Trust me - we literally just did a project for our 5th grader for a science fair - that not only cost us 40.00 for supplies but was so detailed that it was impossible for our boy to stay focused long enough to finish it. I mean come on...make the projects fun and exciting but easy enough for them to get it done on their own. 

Well that’s my take on the whole school project idea...I sure hope that my friend likes it but more so that her daughter is proud of what she turns in! 

If you need me to help out with your kids school project or need help with a scrapbook - let me know and I’ll be happy to help you!! 

Have a beautiful day friends!!! 


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Cute Valentine Gift Idea

Ok ya’ll I wanted to share a super fun crafty girl idea with you that I am making for some sweet girls who are having me over for a Valentines Day card making party.

I am using the paper collection by Doodle Bug Designs Called 
so Punny 

First of all here are the ingredients 

You need small notebooks - there is a plethora of choices at the dollar store, you need scrapbooking paper in your choice of colors and some stickers or in my case the punny die cuts

First thing you need to do is cut out the paper to match the size of your note book and make it a little longer just an inch or two 

After you cut the paper I inked the edges and I used scalloped scissors for one edge

Then fold over the longer side of the paper directly over the glued edge of the notebook & score it with your nail or a score tool -- that folded edge will be the part you glue to the back of the notebook 

Then pick your cute puns or stickers

Add to the front of the cover and look at how spectacular and all the possibilities 

Can you stand all the cuteness 
How fun are these and what little girl or boy wouldn’t love this instead of the traditional store bought Valentine Card!!!

Happy Crafting


Thursday, January 25, 2018

Let’s play with Stickers

Hey there  - I wanted to share another crafty girl idea!!!

I am a scrapbooker and buy a lot of paper kits. If it’s a really good kit you’ll get paper, journaling cards, die cute and lots of stickers all coordinated beautifully!!!

So what usually happens is after I have made 1, usually two scrapbooks I have some left over paper and lots of die cuts and stickers left over and I have previously shared ways to make cards using the left over paper and some embellishments this time I’m sharing how to make some sweet greeting cards with just the stickers.

An easy way to really accent the cards I think, is by using the Kraft cards - they are already colored so the stickers will pop - as you can see in the above card.

As you can see from the sticker sheet above - I used a bunch of the stickers in my albums and these stickers are so versatile that I used several together on the card fronts and look how beautiful...don’t throw away or store away left overs - keep them grouped by collection and when you are bored sit down and place some stickers in a nice flow, make a bunch and you can stock up on cards and be ready to give them when the occasion arrives. 

Because everyone knows handmade is better then store bought 😀

Happy Crafting 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Letter Board crafts

I posted the cutest mini letter board crafts on my Instagram feed and I wanted to share how I made them 
Look how cute
I had the embroidery hoops already and in case you don’t you can buy them online or pick them up at craft stores - I even find them at the thrift stores...

Below are the supplies you’ll need

I found all the “corduroy” felt in all the colors at my Joanne’s fabric and Crafts - I purchased some in black online from Michaels - amazon didn’t have it and neither did oriental trading company...the letters I had from an actual letter board I bought off amazon but you could buy letters at both of the craft stores mentioned before. 

I squeezed the felt in between the hoops and tightened it. 
Then measure out your words or phrases then gently cut thru the felt where the back piece will lay in place.

This is what the back will look like..I added a little bit of fabric glue (I wouldn’t use hot glue because unless you can add it precisely the chance of you getting it all over the felt is HUGE) 

Then continue on and finish off your words 
I added ribbon to the tops and placed them sweetly on my living room mantle 

Here it is finished and looking fly 

Hope you try it!!! 

Happy Sunday
Happy Crafting 


Friday, January 12, 2018

Valentine’s Day Craft

Let me start by saying WOWzers the Valentine items Target had on sale before Christmas were Amaze-balls! 

I loaded up with goodies the minute I saw it out❣️

Slim pickings at this point but this is just a starting point for you - an idea using the stuff I got from Target but I’m pretty sure you could also find things similar at the dollar tree or 99. Cents store 

So grab some felt hearts - these came in super big sizes with the cute scallop edge...

All you need is felt hearts - in any size - and some ribbon 

The holes made the hearts easy to string 

Just thread the ribbon thru the holes, make sure they are close to the same area on each heart just to ensure they hang right 

I cut a length of ribbon to connect each set of hearts 
And made the ribbon long enough to be able to tie a bow 

Once all the hearts are strung just add some long pieces at each end and use those to hang from your mantel or even a book shelf 

Simple and only cost a dollar and 10 minutes worth of my time!!!

Another crafty girl idea!!!

Happy crafting ya’ll 

Target dollar Valentine’s DayvCraft

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Fun new scrapbooks

I had to share these new junky type journals/scrapbooks that I started making because they are so easy to make and they are super cute.

This first one was made for my families recent trip to Disneyland

I liked it so much and thought maybe someone else would too so I made this one

They are super easy to make and are not traditional so you can customize them however you like, add your own handwritten journaling and add any size photos that will fit your album

This is how you make one in case you want to try it yourself

You take papers for whatever your occasion or theme will be...cut them in various  sizes
Then stack them how you like 
Sew down the middle with a sewing machine
This also helps with the stability of the album 
With the coordinating stickers and journal cards you decorate the album either
before or after you add your photos... 

This would make a great gift to make for friends documenting a girls trip or for a birthday celebration. 

Let me know if you try it so I can come leave you some love 

Happy crafting

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Happy New Year

Well Hello friends, 

I hope your holidays went remarkably well.
Our Christmas was awesome nice and quiet and just us 5. It was relaxing, which was a pleasant surprise. Our New Years Eve, was just as nice. We decided to stay home and made a fancy dinner and then we took a dip in the HOT HOT tub - then got cleaned up and rang in the new year out back with a bonfire and some silly noise makers. It was nice and safe and just us 5 again.

Fast forward to Monday morning Jan 1st and I was ready to take this year by storm. I have some plans in the work that I am hoping to share soon, something I am really excited about. 

You know how they say things happen for a reason, or things happen in good time? Well, I am a believer of that more so due to things that happened last year that really shook me to my core. Made me think that I need to take control of my life and make some changes. Good, positive changes. Things that will benefit my family. It is something I have wanted for many years now and things that happened last year helped turn my wishes into a reality and my family was all in. 

Up until January 1st, 2018, I had been making preparations in my head and here at home..small steps and well now with the new year I am in over drive - not really but it feels like it inside. 

Things happened to fall into place in my life...which as life would have it, so did things in all 5 of our lives...timing is right for new things and new places and new people. 

I need to take control of my excitement and reign it in. I need to be cautious and smart and take my time and all that is new to me. I am very anxious, very high strung, and very very very Highly IMPATIENT!!!! I know to speed thru this would make it easy for mistakes to be made and for things to not be handled in the most proficient and correct manner. 

So this year I will make changes to my own person, along with that comes my ONE LITTLE WORD.
Which will also help restrain my excitement


is the word I have chosen - because to accomplish one thing or more if possible a day towards my goal is all I need to get done and still keep to a timely manner and the ease of that will release the stress I put on myself which in turn would make me anxious. 
See its a win-win situation.

Here's hoping you pick the perfect WORD for your year and that you accomplish your own goals with the least amount of stress possible.

Happy New Year and thanks for joining the ride with me for the past few years. But as they say the best is yet to come. So, stay tuned.