Monday, November 30, 2015

Quick and Easy

As you know and am sure it's the same for you - this past month has been beyond busy. With the holidays around the corner I have been trying to prepare for the upcoming hub bub that comes with the Season. Here's a quick idea: 

I have been making lots of holiday paper bag albums and have scraps as I am sure if you are a paper crafter you have lots of bits laying around, anyway I took out my plethora of paper punches and started creating these cute little bits - 

here are the supplies you need:

then use a sewing machine or perhaps use adhesive to layer your parts 

Then just use a tape runner and add them to bags and then you have your very own personalized gift bag and present

Cuteness any way you look at it...and its hand made!!

what's not to LOVE.

happy crafting

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I wanted to share a few of the things I made that didn't sell but that I LOVE at my last show. I know I have mentioned before that I cant sew, I cant needle and thread sew either - maybe to add on a button but not much more. Anyway, I so love embroidery and all the new embroidery - you know the trendy stuff - so many fun floss colors and the designs are pretty cool well instead of envying there skills I decided to come up with a way to create my own FAUX version of embroidery--- here is my take...

Fall painted hoops:

Sweet right?

Sometimes I think I should add some black lines for accents but then remember that this is faux embroidery ART - not trying to replicate actual embroidery.

This is my favorite...

Take that back this is my favorite...I have a thing for feathers...and those cute felt flowers gah!!! LOVE it...
I will be adding these to my ebay shop tomorrow - In case you absolutely need one of these cute home dec accents.
I have more to share - so come by again tomorrow...
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Monday, November 2, 2015

Back in the saddle

Usually after a big show I am exhausted and have real trouble getting back into gear - like I have NO desire to craft at all!!! I think it's just my body and mind reminding me to slow down, relax and re-fuel! So a week has past since then and I am ready to hit the crafting ideas full force!!! 

So off to work I go!!