Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Quick Holiday Craft

I am all about the quick craft and even more so when the whole project costs under 15.00 then I just had to share the how, what and when with ya'll.

Pick up your supplies at the your local Target and heres what you'll need

The round wreath shaped wooden items are from the dollar spot at Target - 3.00 each - pom poms bags are also from the dollar spot and they are 1.00 each - - you could also use any you had on hand - the thick red ribbon was something I had and the red tassels are also 1.00 from Target...and of course you dont have to use what I used but this is how I made it.

First step is to find the middle and attach your ribbon (this will be the part you will use to hang the wreath from)

Looking back I think I would have spray painted the wreath prior to attaching the pom poms or maybe painted the edges with some acrylic paint - because since I didn't add the pom poms to the edge you can see some of the wood - luckily its hanging from our front doors and you can't see the edges too well so I am ok with it as is.

Once you are done adding the pom poms - then you can decorate it as you like. This can also cut down the cost if you use things you have on hand...

I bought some cute little snowflakes from Joanne for 40% off and painted them in turquoise then added them to the front of the wreath 

Here is another look at the steps and the finished wreath. 

On my doors 

and Up Close - cute and Kitschy right>>>

I made the snowman, I had the tree and the deers and so all in total I spent 13.00 for the items needed to create both of these wreaths!!!

And just like that another quick craft at a low cost is down in the books.

Enjoy and hope you are creating awesome holiday crafts!!!