Friday, March 30, 2018

Easter Bags

Last year I wasn’t home Easter week and had my husband help my kids decorate Easter eggs. They sent pictures during and after the decorating process, all of which I hated missing. On Easter morning they informed that we didn’t need to do an egg hunt because they were to old for that. I asked them what about the beautiful eggs they decorated and they said they only did it for me. 

WAIT WHAT? What’s happening? Are they growing up? 
Easter 2017

This year since we will be out of town for Easter - I again mentioned that I was sad about no baskets and they told me that it’s no big deal - all we get is candy anyway so just give it to us in our hands - 

For the record - they dont only get candy- they get gift cards and money and something cute plus lots of candy 

Anyway because I’m a mom and a crafty chick I decided to make them Easter gift bags  to give to them on Easter morning and I thought maybe you could use the idea for those to old to get Easter Baskets 

Here’s what you need 
Bags (mine are from @daiso) glue stick and scraps of paper 

Cut strips and add to the front of the bags with adhesive 

Add a cute little chipboard sticker to the front 

Then use stickers to spell out the kids names 

Here are some of the things I’m putting inside (not shown is the iTunes gift card) 

And here they all are ready to pack - cute right??

By the way - to keep things real here - the idea was on point! However, there was NO room for them in any of our luggage... wah wah wah—-dang it - so I had to give it to them today before we left for the airport - they loved it - I think truthfully they want baskets but THINK they are too old...but this mama will continue to make them something - until forever... 

Hope you like the idea and if you use it send me a pic..

Happy Good Friday folks - 
Written at the airport 



Saturday, March 24, 2018

Most Egg-cell ent

Wanted to share an easy and meaningful idea for you to share with loved ones this Easter. Also, it’ll be a sure momento that someone will treasure for least I’m hoping. 

Crafty girl idea #10 

For this project I used wooden eggs that I bought in the Target dollar spot, paint, modgepodge and stickers 

First paint the eggs all th colors 

Once the paint dried, I noticed that the colors weren’t pastel enough - so I added white to each color and lightened the eggs up to just what I wanted. 

You can see the difference here.

Once the eggs dried I added Polk-a-dots but you could add strips or leave them plain 

I add dots with the end of a paint brush 

And here they are all done - pretty right? 

Because I want to give these to my kids in their Easter bag...I decided to personalize them for each kid and usd some stickers with phrases on them I already had. 

Here’s a tip: the stickers are stiff so when I peeled them off I kind of bent them or curved them so they would be easier to adhere then I added the modge podge to the sticker back and on the egg and went over the sticker a bit then used my fingers to push it down... be patient because they will lift and appear to not want to stick down but they do. 

Once the sticker is laying down flat, add the glue to the entire egg and wait for the drying and look how incredibly amazing they look. 

I have another good idea to share on how I will package these babies up. Come back soon 

If You try this - tag me so I can check them out please.

Happy Crafting 
xo T

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

New tool review

Hello ya’ll - today I wanted to share this cool new tool that I purchased from 

First of all my why? For buying this tool:
So for Christmas my hubbs bought me a new planner for the new year and I love the happy planner and have had several but the one he bought was the Large memory keeping planner which meant that the normal happy planner stickers I already own didn’t fit the new larger squares. 
If it sounds like I’m complaining - I’m not promise...I love this planner because it serves as a monthly scrapbook!!! 
And truthfully I have been making do with what I have. 

But when michaels had a sale online I decided to take the plunge and I bought this punch and the smaller one for the original happy planner 

So this time I had used the punch to punch paper to fill up the squares 

It’s super easy to use 

Just insert the paper into the punch - no lining up necessary just push through and push down 

And look how cute - fits the squares in the larger planner so easily and I love it. I have seen some planner folks who add stickers and paper to each square which is a lot, just my personal opinion. This is after I punched and adhered the paper squares in a clean layout.

This is the completed layout for this week. Cute right?

If you use light colored papers they are easily written on. And then I just used the “regular” happy planner stickers to add some accents to different areas and even drew on a couple of squares but left plenty of space to write in and left spots to add more in later. 

Review=my thoughts 

Is it worth the money (24.95 minus 30% w/coupon) YES
Is it easy to use: YES 
Is it necessary: YES I think so, unless they come out with a whole new line of stickers that fit and if I choose to buy more then yes, it’s nice to be able to customize my planner with papers and photos that fit the squares 
Details-forgot to mention that it can punch through pictures too which is perfect for my scrapbooking purposes.

I give this tool two thumbs up and totally worth the money!

Happy Crafting ya’ll! 
PS-I think you can only purchase these online right now...not sold in stores.