Sunday, June 22, 2014

My little Boy

(This is a long post - grab a drink--)
There are a few things that I am truly proud of one of them is being a mom. I do fall short a lot of times but for the most part I think I am damn good at being a mom and a cool mom at that.
My little guy as cute as he is

He can be quite the handful. Its maddening most days but he respects me and listens to me and ONLY me...which is nice. We celebrated his birthday today - he turned 7! I mean really where did the time go?

We are close and to be honest it worries me sometimes that he is too much a mama's boy...don't get me wrong...I love all the extra hugs and kisses but sometimes it seems excessive. I know in a few years he wont want to be even near me let alone giving me hugs in public so I should take it all when its available...

I do treasure it all, I just think maybe he should be less into me and more into his dad...I don't know I am just going with the flow

If you know my son then you know he has an evolving case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder...(that's my personal diagnosis) so when he was 3 he took on a serious obsession with Michael Jackson. It was all MJ all the time, the clothes, the music, the videos, the you tube searches all day long and that lasted for 2 1/2 years
then about a year ago he started obsessing over SpongeBob - like videos and music and bedroom make-overs and clothing - ALL over again...he shared that lime light with Roller Coasters - he would look up the coasters online and talk about them constantly!

So he we are; he is 7 and his NEWEST obsession is SUPER MARIO BROS....
He's addicted to the Wii game, he watched people on you tube playing Mario, he had me draw him a shirt with all the characters and now he's collecting the plush dolls & sleeping with them.
I am always helping feed his current addiction and yes I will continue to throughout his life because as his mom I want him to be happy and find joy in his life so I will continue to listen to him talk incessantly about his newest obsession, I will watch his kooky videos, and buying him things to represent his new "thing"
Because he is currently into Super Mario Bros here is the Birthday card I created for him...
It's my first attempt at punch art-not exactly how I envisioned it but it looks cool - I think and he liked it.
Here's is to my crazy family and all our silly quirks.

We had a beautiful weekend celebrating him...
Hope you all had a great weekend and are enjoying your families.
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Been working

Made a bunch of new mini albums and wanted to share them with ya'll
 I am slowly listing them on EBAY in my shop
Here are 2 of my favorite
This one is made of chipboard and I used fun papers by Me & my big Ideas
I am married to a guy with a gotee - and right now he is sporting a full beard with STACHE

I think there is something fully sexy about a guy wearing a STACHE

I also love these papers - they are bright and happy and the embellishments in this kit are completely
coordinating. I think this album came out stupendous...

Bright - Happy

Amazing - right?
Then there is this carazyyy cute little mini 4 x 4 paper bag album that

I made using the cutest little brown paper bags.

Forget about the sweet papers I used by Dear Lizzy...

I also added matching embellishments and some homemade ones too.

This is totally happy & cheery and sweet and all kinds of AWESOME...

I mean if I do say so myself...

Scotty dogs - cuteness!!! The main reason I love this album is because it is incredibly inspirational or motivational - depending on how you see it.
Ok so blogging is not the go to thing to do in the morning right now - it has turned into taking all my extra time into scrapbooking when I can....
Well I hope that you are having a crafty week around your parts.
Happy Wednesday
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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Baby Girl

I am feeling extremely sentimental today - tomorrow my first born baby girl will graduate from 8th grade and our summer will be spent preparing for HIGH SCHOOL. I mean really - 9th grade with big kids - who are much more savvy & experienced then she is. It's a scary thought but I know how excited she is....which reminds me to put my fears aside and not get her anxious but rather pray that I have shared enough and taught her enough to prepare for such a big transition....
This past weekend we had a graduation party for her and she had a daughter is the one on the left - the blondie....although I look like I could be the mother of the other 3 more so. {wink}

She was thrilled with her little party and it was fun to see her being silly - almost little girlish with her friends. Yup she wanted a jumper for her and her friends to use at her party (love)

to commemorate her growing up I made 2 scrapbook layouts to WELCOME a new BABY GIRL...

Because afterall this is the path that all mothers and daughters go thru no matter the color, ethnicity or country - we mothers birth our girls, care for them and teach them the ways of the world and prepare them for every stage of their lives...

Here is to more beautiful baby girls being born into this crazy world of ours. Congratulations....
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Have a beautiful weekend.