Thursday, June 27, 2013

Road trip 2013

We are on day 6 of our trip & already we spent 2 days in Vegas 2 days in Utah & 2 nights in Yellowstone --- 

Realized that camping really isn't my thing. But give myself props for surviving 2 nights & 1 full day there. It was cold, raining the first night (all nite) & there was no Internet... Lots of down time which is hard for me to get used to. The kids had fun we saw some amazing sites!!!! Like old faithful - & tons of other geysers plus 

the kids got fish... Notes were spent all huddled up under the covers...

And now we are on our way to Montana to stay at the hot springs...look g forward to taking a shower & changing clothes...

Also wanted to share a fun little idea I had / which I will change up in the next few days to make it more personal!!! Here's a hint: 

Hope you are having a fabulous summer

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy Birthday to my little boy

This kid I swear at times will be the death of me...then there are days when  I think - "How Lucky I am that he is mine." then again a moment passes and he is telling me no! for the 100th time in 20 minutes. Then he runs up to me and says "Can I have a kiss?" {awwww}

Needless to say he is my youngest - he is the loudest, he is the most active and he is my last little boy (or baby for that matter) and my life wouldn't be the same without him. He has made it through 6 years of life and I have been there for every step and milestone and mishap (which has only been one...thank GOD) and I couldn't be prouder of him...

He keeps me young and gray :) and my life wouldn't be the same without him

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Garland Twist

As if you hadn't heard of or fallen in love with POM POM {then perhaps you have been out of the country for a few months or so} then have I got a treat to share with you.

I have been making pom poms for a few weeks now with the intentions to make garlands out of them...and well here are the fruits of my labor!!!

The basic way for making these is to use a cardboard and cut a slit and wrap them until you like the size and tie off - I however use three of my fingers and wrap then slide off and tie off with an extra strand of yarn and tie TIGHT!!!!
then the fun is giving the poms a haircut!!!

This is my tropical paradise pom pom garland - its listed in my etsy shop {if your interested}

Here is my rainbow pride pom pom garland - I love it - its so happy!!! Also in my shop
If you take a look at Pinterest you will see lots of fun projects with pom poms...
In case you need ideas on how to use these fun garlands try them on your mantel or perhaps on a wall celebrating someone's birthday...just put them up to make you smile...
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Have a great weekend!!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Daddy LOVE

I sure hope your Father's Day was wonderfully relaxing and you had a chance to spoil your MAN.  The kids woke up dad with lots of hugs, kisses and a few jumps on the belly to get him up.

They love him bunches and don't they look like him. I love that!
I wish I could say that I made my sweet hubs a handmade card but did not. I bought him one a bit more appropriate for our relationship...a bit more sassy then one I could create.
Strange right...but I did make one for my dad...he's a bit more formal and so I made him a semi formal card with a hint of sass. Isn't this fun?

Here is the inside of the card. Before you go thinking I was genius to add the DAY inside the card ---
It was actually a mistake (shh don't tell anyone) I hadn't thought the alignment all the way through. Luckily it looks like it was intentional! Yeah me....
Hope my daddy likes it...yup mistake number 2 - it's late....
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Here's to all the Awesome dads out there...


Thursday, June 13, 2013


It's our first official summer day with ALL the kids home --- to keep the peace i decided to take the kids to knotts soak city. We have passes so its pretty much a free day. As i sit here in the sun watching my son go down the little kiddie slides and take in all that's around me I can't help say to myself "is it really all about the kids?" 

All the parents of the toddlers are sitting in the water while the kids play and splash around. Just watching not playing, chasing after even. II have a lot to be proud of.  My kids are confident and fearless and happy and I created that. 

So back to my original question? Yes, my life NOW is for my kids. I played and had fun when I was little - it's their turn to be little - have fun and make memorable adventures. I get the pleasure of helping to create those valuable & life long memories!!! 

I get to watch them have fun and TODAY I'm ok with that and enjoying them.

Here wishing you the same clarity.... Happy summer

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Daddy LOVE-gift idea

Wanted to share a super sweet and NEW style of album that I created for the upcoming FATHERS DAY --- I usually make my albums out of paper bags but this time I added a twist to them
I used chipboard covers and then the inside was made using the bags...

Wanted to keep the embellishments cohesive and made to blend with the photos - afterall it is all about dad.

I used a new photo mat layout - interactively cool

see what I mean?

see nice and vintage inspired but still hip - would look great with pics of a new young daddy

I know butterflies aren't masculine but I think it blends well.

I fell in love with this album and plan to make more in the next few days

Happily this album sold and is going to one lucky dad this Fathers Day.
Hope you have something special planned for your special DAD/FATHER/MAN in your life.
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shabby chic APRON

I absolutely love to sew - but don't get me wrong I am a true amateur seamstress. I can sew straight lines and some curved ones too but I most definitely couldn't figure out a pattern to save my life. I so envy true seamstresses - people who can make their own clothes or those of their kids - PROPS to you all...with all that said - I do have a small collection of fabrics that I use for different projects and have had some sweet pink, turquoise and floral fabrics that I have been saving for just the right project, and boy did I find one...

I decided to make myself or my sweet LULU a new apron...and all made using left over fabric scraps. Here's the how to...
Cut yourself a apron shaped piece of fabric - I used some muslin
*just make sure that when you hold it up it stretches over the front of your waist not AROUND just to cover the front of your waist.

Next cut up your scrap fabric and use the sewing machine to make ruffles. - I didn't want to waste my time sewing up ruffles then pulling on the thread to cinch them up so I just scooted the fabric under the foot as I sewed - so they are by NO means perfect ruffles put again this adds to the SCRAPPINESS of the apron...

(didn't take a photo of the next step)
 slowly lay out the ruffles onto your apron cut out and line them up and pin them to the front -  play with pattern and colors to make sure they lay nicely. Also I suggest starting at the bottom and working your way up to the waist in case you make some measuring errors its easier to cover them TRUTH is I actually didn't sew a perfectly straight stitch at the top sort of in the middle so I need to make something to cover it up --
applaud === enter----- the ROLLED FABRIC ROSETTE

I thought it still needed something so I added petals and made a really simple for plain floral embellishment

and as you can see in the photograph - it is off center - because that is exactly where I sewed crooked...see there is always something that can be done to HIDE an OOPS!

And there you have it ladies & gents a fun and flirty apron handmade using scraps of fabrics - and in case you were wondering who LOLA is - she is my dress mannequin - I just love playing dress up with her...

Hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial and hope you have a chance to make one yourself..
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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pom Pom LoVe

On our way to the beach today I decided to get busy on making some Pom poms. My hubbs asked "what are those for?" & with no hesitation I replied "Haven't you heard Pom poms are all the rage." He laughed. 

But, I am sure you know after looking on Pinterest that Pom poms are hip, trendy and offer pure happiness - at least I think so!!!!

Here's what I've got done so far....