Thursday, June 13, 2013


It's our first official summer day with ALL the kids home --- to keep the peace i decided to take the kids to knotts soak city. We have passes so its pretty much a free day. As i sit here in the sun watching my son go down the little kiddie slides and take in all that's around me I can't help say to myself "is it really all about the kids?" 

All the parents of the toddlers are sitting in the water while the kids play and splash around. Just watching not playing, chasing after even. II have a lot to be proud of.  My kids are confident and fearless and happy and I created that. 

So back to my original question? Yes, my life NOW is for my kids. I played and had fun when I was little - it's their turn to be little - have fun and make memorable adventures. I get the pleasure of helping to create those valuable & life long memories!!! 

I get to watch them have fun and TODAY I'm ok with that and enjoying them.

Here wishing you the same clarity.... Happy summer

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Basement Stamper said...

enjoy your time with the kiddos!