Thursday, June 27, 2013

Road trip 2013

We are on day 6 of our trip & already we spent 2 days in Vegas 2 days in Utah & 2 nights in Yellowstone --- 

Realized that camping really isn't my thing. But give myself props for surviving 2 nights & 1 full day there. It was cold, raining the first night (all nite) & there was no Internet... Lots of down time which is hard for me to get used to. The kids had fun we saw some amazing sites!!!! Like old faithful - & tons of other geysers plus 

the kids got fish... Notes were spent all huddled up under the covers...

And now we are on our way to Montana to stay at the hot springs...look g forward to taking a shower & changing clothes...

Also wanted to share a fun little idea I had / which I will change up in the next few days to make it more personal!!! Here's a hint: 

Hope you are having a fabulous summer

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Basement Stamper said...

Looks like a lot of fun! My neighbor is traveling and just finished at Yellowstone on their way to the Grand Tetons. Have a safe trip and enjoy the family time!