Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Scrapbooking 101 - easy to make

Most of you out there are seasoned scrapbookers but for those of you who may be intimidated by an entire 12 x 12 layout I’m here to help. 

I started Scrapbooking over 25 years ago in the usual  12 x 12 layout since then I have started making smaller scrapbooks that I have shared here and ask doing project life...but there are still certain occasions I love to throw down on a piece of paper and document. 

Ok so to start grab the photos you want to scrapbook - you can add however many photos you want but I like to keep simple and generally if they are large 4 x 6 photos I like to use an odd number like maybe 3 

I have been using my Prynt photo printer or Instagram camera photos for my layouts lately so I chose to use 2 photos for this layout 

I found this amazing pad of big die cuts by DCWV so that helped with my idea planning. Then I had to choose my paper 

These were the die cuts I chose to go with my 2 photos 

Now for choosing my paper 

Still not working - if I used the paper below the die cuts would blend in to much 

I think I found the paper I’m going to use. 

Now play around with your pieces and find a layout you like or looks good to you - don’t worry about will it make it into a magazine - this is for you - something for your kids and their kids to look back on. Stress free 

I really wanted to use that small block with the gold palm trees but I could t got it into the layout so it looked good to me so I pulled it out and didnt use it 

And here is the finished layout! I love it  

Have fun with it and enjoy it - try not to put to much pressure on yourself - make memories not headaches ( wink) 

Have fun crafting ya’ll! 


Friday, August 3, 2018


Welcome - today I wanted to share an easy tutorial for making the cutest unicorn ornaments out there... 

Cute, right? 

This is a step by step photo tutorial with all the details and supplies needed - let’s get started 

Paint paper mache ball any color you like 

Trace and cut out the ears and horn out of the papers as seen in the photos

Once you cut out the pieces the wars should set into each other - glue them down to one another then make a small 1/2 inch or smaller crease as shown in #2 then cut a small slit in the bottom fold as shown in #3 then glue with the glue gun as shown in #4 

Then glue your cone together - notice the small hole at the top - you’ll need that to pull the gold hanger thread thru 

Once your done with the come add the eyelashes - these very basic but super easy - I used sharpie and as shown in the last photo I made them In different sizes and it all looks cute.

Add the horn with hot glue - let it dry - Next step is to pull the hanger thru - I used a large eye needle and put the string thru and thread the needle thru the horn and wa-la - easy!  

Next cut small pieces of tule and place them between the horn and the ears with hot glue 

Almost done - now add the flowers - I went with one big one in the middle and smaller ones around the front - this covers up all the glue spots left after adding the horn and the ears - my flowers had small holes in the center and you can add puffy paint to the center or some small bling 

I wanted you to see the two different unicorns I made in the same colors and using the same basic materials - changed  the papers and the eyes but cute none the less. 

Thanks for stopping by - hope you like the tutorial - let me know if you make one so I can come by and check it out!