Thursday, June 28, 2012

The one about EXTREMES

I had a pretty crappy day yesterday and well you know how sometimes it takes a while to shake that off?
I got to "crafting" and unleashed my crap out into my new pieces...silly isn't it. But I think these 2 albums came out wonderfully and full of anxed ---here is the first of two.

Love the colors of this one so boyish - real GUY like! I love that it is double sided

Here is the back of the album.  What is really cool is that this hangs from a book ring.
So it can be easily shared - yo uknow easy access. You can add those little photos from
the proof sheets or some fun cut out full action photos.

Here is the cover - it's cool right?
Wait until I show you tomorrows album - used those authentique papers again.
Sure love that color combo. I guess there is something said for creating when you are in a
foul mood. Lots of good came out of that mood.
Just keeping things real. Here's wishing you a crafty weekend.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Project Life June

Keeping up with Project Life is tough but try keeping up with project LIFE when Life alone
is tough enough to keep track of.  Do you feel that way too? I sure hope I am not the only one.
I love the idea of PROJECT LIFE and I do plan on keeping up because I love looking back
and have noticed the kids looking at the album recently too. SO the stress of it all will be worth it
in the end.

Here is are my June pages:

I started rather late and began with Father's Day

I used my authentique papers again because I am digging that color combo.

See that top photo - I am secretly addicted to this series of books. FIFTY SHADES of naughty. I finished
book 2 while on vacation in Vegas. and am waiting to get the third book. I gotta find time to
read it because once I start I seriously can't put it down.

Anyway, I got the middle 2 weeks of June done and now for the last week of June & July...
here's to keeping up!

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Monday, June 25, 2012

New colors to LOVE

I have found some new colors to LOVE. I think the combination of colors is sweet yet sassy.
I used papers from the AUTHENTIQUE line. I just love these double sided papers and made
some super sweet and a little bit off the cuff set of cards.

at first glance you would probably think FOURTH OF JULY cards...but nope.

I found these fun stamps in the dollar area of Joanne's - dont'cha love DOLLAR SPOTS
of any store. You can find some great things just gotta look through it all.

See red, turquoise, grey & a bit of black thrown in. Not kitschy but sassy & retro.

Nice color combo right?

Well that is my bit of craftiness for today. Hope you are getting your craft on.

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have a crafty night

Saturday, June 23, 2012

the one about the party

Oh wow - I am beat. The day was spent preparing the house for the party. We got it all done.
and here are some highlights of the party. First of all I had my oldest son dress up as Cat in the Hat minus the hat. Look how cute he looked...


I did change the color of the frame and the red color really made a difference. Great idea folks.

here is the birthday boy!

Oh and here is the cake it is my first attempt at making a cake and using fondant....
Oh my it was a real work of art and looked a bit caddy wampus...

here is the cake - in its true colors..Wow - there is a real art to making
cakes. Not an easy task. Kudos to cake makers. That hat at the top of the cake is made with paper clay and paint. BTW- I was told the cake was delish and the fondant was SUPER sweet.Yeah, mission accomplished.

Here are the table centerpieces I made. the flowers pots & the pin wheels are from the 99 cent store and I had the straws and I got the paper pieces from WANESSA CAROLINA CREATIONS * she has a bunch of stuff for a Seuss party (all print ables) & it was free....can't beat that...and just added them to some skewers...simple but festive centerpiece. Cute, right?

Well, gotta tell you that was a busy party and we had lots of kids and parents and family come, so overall it was quite a day my little boy won't soon forget.

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have a relaxful sunday ya'll

Friday, June 22, 2012

the one about a PHOTO BOOTH

so I have been hearing and seeing alot of cool PHOTO BOOTH ideas and decided for my little guys
5th birthday I wanted to make one for the kids to use. I used a standard punch any size will do and some papers that go with his DR. SEUSS THEME....and then sewed those circles in a line...I added some curled ribbon and some other small Dr. Seuss images and taped them up to the wall...

Cute right? bright & happy as Dr. Seuss should be.

This is the frame I am planning to use but I think I am going to paint so it
pops a little bit more....but look how cute the photos come out when using it.

see the birthday boy likes it and I guess that is all that really matters...
but the frame definitely needs a color change dontch'a think?

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quick and easy

I made these vacation bags for our trip to Colorado this past spring and thought I would share them. These are super easy - new sew ruffled totes...just used hot glue. Whacky right? They are great for packing the kids car "things to do" bag & then just a quick grab & fill when we head to the pool or to the store. Neato! xo

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the one about Party Preppin'

so not only did we have Father's Day to prepare for but I was packing for our vacation
(which we are happily on now - in Vegas) but our little boy is turning 5 on Friday, the day after we
get back, then Saturday (the day after that) we are having a birthday party for him...I know right?

crazyyyyy - so I thought I would share some of the things I have been doing to PREP for the party
see if you can guess the theme of the party...

don't these colors make you happy....I can hardly wait to show you the set up

I know my little guy is going to love this...

I brought the fabric with me on our vacation to get the cutting done...{hint, hint}
Oh my and I am planning to make the cake by hand and decorate for the first time
with fondant - RIDICULOUS right? over ambitious more like it.

Ok we'll see how it turns out...
Have a great week...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

papas card

I had the kids make cards of their own this year for my hubbs and I made him one too (but his real out pour was my post from yesterday). I made him this simple one....

I have real trouble coming up with men cards that are not to frilly but I think this one was perfect.

the inside was just a rub-on (again my card was really yesterdays post)

Hope you all have a wonderful day with your hubbs or daddys

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Fathers Day to my sweet hubbs, Brad. Being around your family today...
with people amazed that it has been 13 years and remembering our wedding day made thinking about my life with you come full force. On our drive home, I couldn't help thinking how lucky I am. How lucky
our kids are to have you as Daddy...
You are such a kidster. Never afraid to act silly with me and the kids. Sometimes it makes tense situations easier to get thru. Sometimes that silliness is what I need to get through a day. 

You are the parent that teaches our kids the important stuff like riding a bike, learning to swim and how to roll a bowling ball the proper way. You take them on the big rides at the park (no stomach for it), you play video games at Chuck E.CHeese (can't stand that), you take them to the outdoor potties (icky) and you clean up their upset stomach messes...(again, no stomach for it)

You carry the pink back pack on your back to lighten the load. You take long walks with us even after a long day at work. You eat all my meals (even though sometimes after dinner you tell me it was a bit dry or needed more salt), thanks for waiting.You help me with my craft projects. You help me re-arrange furniture ALL the TIME. You give me back rubs just because I ask.

You always make me feel pretty no matter how ugly I feel. You always lay your hand on my back at just the right time. You always make me feel comfortable when we are around people I don't know.
You always try hard to fit in with my friends and are easy to get along with.

You make us see the beauty in things we usually overlook. You have a fondness with the ocean
and try and instill that same love in our kids. Luckily they all love the water. And can spend hours in the pool or ocean...

I knew one day I would meet a guy who would love me with his whole heart and who I knew I would love back and not be so quick to leave when something bad happened. I knew true LOVE would help me grow up. And you did. I not only found a best friend in you but also a partner and my first truest LOVE. I love everything about you, even the things that drive me crazy but mostly, I love your hugs, your kisses, you kindness, your help, your compassion and your calmness. My life would not be same if you were not in it.

Thanks for giving me the most beautiful kids, the best life and your love.
I truly do love you, Big Papa

Have the best Father's Day and vacation.

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much Love

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Painting kind of day

felt like painting today - so I took out some painted pieces of wood I did awhile ago
and decided to put a face to it...

I gotta tell you I have come along way with my FACES....truly
I will dig some out from a few years ago and boy will you see the difference.

Here are 2 of my newest paintings...

I love to do mixed media art so I incorporated that into my paintings...
It is totally obvious in the first photo where the paper meets the wood --doh!
I think I will have to play around with that one and try and fix that...

Here is my second one and on this one I love that you can see the print of the
background paper thru the paint...I think I need to play around with the face a bit.
Isn't that just like a true crafter..."DOESN'T KNOW WHEN TO LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE"

anywho...hope you like it...

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heres wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the one about WREATHS

I love wreaths and could make them for every Holiday but
I don't - so at the beginning of the year I decided to make some
wreaths that I could change up easily by making something with velcro that could be changed
out semi-seasonally. So for Spring I made this

basic wreath - that I covered in burlap and added a burlap bow as the main piece of the whole
wreath and of course the velcro for easy change-ups.

so for this wreath I used felt in some fun colors

I made some fun rosettes have you seen this technique?
just cut from the center around in a circle and keep cutting a huge strip
in a circular pattern.

then add some glue here and there and secure them and look how pretty.

and then put it together and look how wonderfully festive this looks like.

up close shot...

here is a sign I have had for awhile...happy right?

and here is my door with everything up and 4th of July-ish...

and here is my wreath up close. HeeHee
Love this color scheme the most.

ok so
got my holiday decor up

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hope you are having a crafty week.

Monday, June 11, 2012

the one about Pinterest

I have a dream space - don't you? If I had an unlimited amount of money I would take parts of all these pins and make up my dream crafting space...check it out on pinterest here...

oh a girl can wish right


Sunday, June 10, 2012

the one about Julian

Recently I got back in contact with a dear friend of mine from a long while back AND
while it was a long road back to her - I am glad to be part of her life again. I am not usually
a sap or too girly about friendships but this should of been handled years ago.
Lucky for me she doesn't hold grudges and even luckier I finally grew up and grew out
of bad relationships...anyway, long story short we were invited to her sons
first birthday. SO, I needed to make her something extra fabulous so
I decided to keep to what I am good at and made them a paper bag album
and here is some photos of the finished album:

kept it simple so that the photos would make the big statement...

didn't add to much because she is a scrapbooker too and new she would add her
own touches to the album

it's very little boy-ish

she loved it - YEAH!
Oh and I made a cute card for little Julian too...

with a set of stamps I hardly ever use - but need to take those out more

and here is the birthday was a great day!

How was your weekend.

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Have a creative week


Thursday, June 7, 2012

the one about a year...

Not to sound like a broken record but I love scrapbooking and
recently I came up with this cool idea - instead of my  usual paper bag albums which
cover 1 special occasion I created this

a year long paper bag capture a year's worth of growth...
Genius right???

each month has its own 2 page spread 
(this is for a girl - that's why there are flowers all over the place)

sweet right?

and its a pretty thick with plenty of room to capture a years worth of growth 
of your llittle princess. Wouldn't this make a great gift for a birthday..
I am listing this in my shop...tonight...

I would love to make one for you - email me if your interested.

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