Thursday, February 16, 2017

Funny story

WARNING: this is a small rant about life with kids

I know there are alot of people out there that have kids some only one, some 2 or 3 and some even a full house. Props to all of you brave parents who home school their kids - that means 24 hours a day everyday. Go on with your bad self.

As you all know Tuesday was Valentines day so me and my hubbs had plans to go to dinner and a movie and exchange gifts during the is the funny part...Sunday my daughter who is on the Varsity soccer team for her high school tells us that they made the wild card draw for CIF and the game would be on Tuesday (VALENTINES DAY) at 5:00 pm Gosh darn it! Really....

Let me preface this by saying that my daughter who excels as a soccer forward and can kick with her left foot = lots of goals. Last year on JV she was one of the high goal makers on the team and this year she has literally played 10 minutes the whole season (in total) - so figure 2-3 minutes every third game or so if that. As parents go, we are pretty first rate - I think anyway. Me and my husband have made every game together, sometimes seperate but we want to be there in case she gets playing time. in total around 20 games including pre-season...I was praying their team wouldnt make CIF so the season would be over. So there go Valentines Day plans - but after being married for 17 years we figured we would go on Monday and avoid the the crowds and wait times - here we are celebrating Valentines Day at Tahoe Joes eating a huge dinner and laughing and talking about how those kids of ours seem to interfere in our life (jokingly of course but true) I mean we are parents and that's part of the life right?

Huge dinner and drinks and some shopping after that...

Also Monday I received these yummy berries and they were super tasty. there were a dozen strawberries - I ate 3 and guess who ate the rest...My Kids. Gotta Love them. 

Here's hoping your Valentines Day went as planned. 

In case your wondering I have been very busily crafting away and will be sharing all the fun stuff shortly.

Have a great weekend ya'll.