Thursday, April 28, 2016

Changing things up

I have self diagnosed myself for years and have always claimed to have ADHD when it comes to crafting. Take for instance,
I rarely make 2 of anything. I make things that are similar but unless it is an ornament, or some magnets - I usually only make one. Why you may ask?
Because I get bored - I mean why would I take the time or energy to make 2 of something. Sometimes when it comes to making albums I simply don't have enough stuff from the same line to make more then one album.
But I bet that bit is slightly exaggerated too since my stash of used paper kits is growing by the minute.
See I am rambling again...Back to the original idea behind this post...
This photo down below is of my most recent craft show booth set-up

This is how I set my space up or somewhat similar to this. Let me be clear I usually do large shows - once or twice a year and I add some stuff and take some others out...But I have never really felt that my space flowed well.
Most vendors have 1 table and a backdrop
I guess I always feel that I have to display it all and make space and use props to make sure I can display it all.
Which equals a busy and jumbled space -

I am participating in a new to me show this weekend and well I have to pack up my own car at the end since my husband will be at a dodger game with the kids. SO I have to be able to carry things and lift them - that's usually my husbands job (frown) So that big wooden thing in the back with the wings is staying home. I am only taking one 8 foot table
Leaving my mannequin LOLA at home and some other props...

I am anxious to see what my new space will look like and I can only hope that it is functional.

I will photograph it this weekend and share the photos next week.

Here's wishing you a creative outlook on something old

p.s wish me luck.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


My secret fantasy has always been to be swimming in the ocean and running into a beautiful mermaid who speaks to me and gives me secret powers that only I can use and know about.

Now that I am all grown up - I still believe that there are mermaids out there but now-a-days they appear to be cute and sweet and magical sort of like they are pictured here in these 2 albums I just created using the fun papers by
Doodle Bug Designs - called UNDER THE SEA
remember my rule when purchasing scrapbooking supplies?

If possible buy the whole kit when it's available. You just get so much more out of the purchase which is useful when explaining to your husband why you need MORE paper. {wink}

Here is the first album that I made into a paper bag album and the pages tho...

too much cuteness all wrapped in this sweet mini scrapbook.

I mean the colors are so bright and pure happiness

Gah, totally girly, cute and great for swimming photos or summer vacations pics.

This is the 2nd album I created using the same paper kit. This time I made a 6 x 6 chipboard spiral bound album.

How dreamy is this cover?

The accents and die cuts that came with this paper pack are so fun.

Oh hello sweet Mermaid - you look just like I imagined...

If you would like to see the rest of the photos for both of these albums please check out my shop

and click on the SHOP link.

Happy crafting

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Garden time

While technically it is Spring it has been breezy, dark, cold and sometimes rainy here in Southern California but we are eagerly awaiting for the sun to come out and it to warm up a bit! Which is not something I am usually wishing for, I actually love the cold and gloom 😀

I am mostly wishing for spring weather because I made the cutest garden stakes and am waiting to use them in the garden. 

I am going to share how easy it was to make these 

Here they are 

I just used some pre-cut pieces of wood I bought at lowes. It's the nicer stuff but still relatively inexpensive - I think the 3 pieces of wood cost me 4.00 total & 
had my husband cut the pieces of wood down and we were able to get 6 signs and the stakes we cut into thirds, then I just painted my own images to match the seeds we purchased and because we don't have itty bitty nails we just used wood glue to glue the signs to the stakes. 

All in all it was a fun and quick project - definitely something you could do with the kids. 

I will share how fun they look in he garden as soon as we get it all planted!!!

Happy mid week crafting! 


Friday, April 8, 2016

Vintage pillowcase apron - 20 minute sewing project

Just wanted to share the tutorial for the apron I wrote about in the last post. If you have any questions let me know and here's hoping you get crafty this weekend.


Vintage WOW

MI have to admit that I have a love for all things VINTAGE especially a love for vintage linens. I have a bunch of cool vintage table cloths and hankies and sheet sets. So recently I started looking for things I could make out of the sheet sets because there is seriously so much yardage to work with. One project I a, starting soon is to make a cute biggie liner for my "flea market cart" and with the matching pillow cases I found a quick tutorial from an old blog I was linked up to for an apron.

Here it is cute,  right? And it's quick to sew up and complete.

In the next post I have a small tutorial on how to make this cute apron. I made this one for me so that I can use it during my craft shows for my cards and my money...

Let me know what you think.

Happy Crafting. Have a beautiful weekend.


Monday, April 4, 2016

Graduation Kit

Here is another fun kit that I wanted to share with you and show you how much you can make with all the pieces. It is the Graduation kit from DoodleBug Designs and its black, white, silver and golds...and some really cute embellishments. I wish I had a the whole kitpictured but I am sure you can find it online to see what comes in the kit...

This is the first album I made 

which I listed in my shop immediately and it SOLD - Yeah...

Here is the 2nd album I made using the same kit...

Here are just some of the pages in the album - and its made of chipboard and only has 6 pages - plan to list it tomorrow in my shop

then I made 2 cards with some of the extra embellishments 

oh and I was able to get one 12 x 12 scrapbook layout that I made as a pocket page. 

sorry for half a picture. Anyway, as you can see the possibilities are quite enormous - you can get alot out of scrapbooking kit, just keep making. 

all the items I blogged about here will be listed tomorrow in the shop - for all the yummy goods.

Happy Crafting