Thursday, April 28, 2016

Changing things up

I have self diagnosed myself for years and have always claimed to have ADHD when it comes to crafting. Take for instance,
I rarely make 2 of anything. I make things that are similar but unless it is an ornament, or some magnets - I usually only make one. Why you may ask?
Because I get bored - I mean why would I take the time or energy to make 2 of something. Sometimes when it comes to making albums I simply don't have enough stuff from the same line to make more then one album.
But I bet that bit is slightly exaggerated too since my stash of used paper kits is growing by the minute.
See I am rambling again...Back to the original idea behind this post...
This photo down below is of my most recent craft show booth set-up

This is how I set my space up or somewhat similar to this. Let me be clear I usually do large shows - once or twice a year and I add some stuff and take some others out...But I have never really felt that my space flowed well.
Most vendors have 1 table and a backdrop
I guess I always feel that I have to display it all and make space and use props to make sure I can display it all.
Which equals a busy and jumbled space -

I am participating in a new to me show this weekend and well I have to pack up my own car at the end since my husband will be at a dodger game with the kids. SO I have to be able to carry things and lift them - that's usually my husbands job (frown) So that big wooden thing in the back with the wings is staying home. I am only taking one 8 foot table
Leaving my mannequin LOLA at home and some other props...

I am anxious to see what my new space will look like and I can only hope that it is functional.

I will photograph it this weekend and share the photos next week.

Here's wishing you a creative outlook on something old

p.s wish me luck.

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