Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Halloween Trick or Treat bags

Hey ya’ll wanted to share a fun craft you can do with your kids for Halloween. 

My kids are 18, 16, and 11 so we have gone through plenty of Halloween trick or treat bags - we started with the typical orange plastic pumpkin - the one that cuts into your hand when it’s full of candy. 

We tried the pillow case - which leaves kids disappointed when they don’t get the whole case filled because really that could weigh 50 pounds if filled 

We also had grandma make some which were cute but small...so now, today for this Halloween, I made some more practical customized treat bags 

I started off with these blank canvas bags which could work to throw over your shoulder if the bag gets to heavy and for bigger kids they can hold it from the handle without it dragging on the floor 😁

I asked the kids what they wanted and I just drew the image on the front and had them paint them
(truthfully I did 2 because my kids are at school today but my daughter did paint hers) 

Choose your colors and paint brushes - these bags are nice and unwashed which helps with the paint going on and is forgiving - note: if you use a pencil like I did some of the colors of paint do not cover up the lines so definitely don’t use a sharpie unless it’s part of your design. 

Also, if you are using acrylic paint it will seep through the bag so be sure to add something inside the bag before starting to paint, such as a piece of card board. 

Once it’s done be sure to cover with an old towel or cloth and iron just to secure the paint if you want. You shouldn’t  have to wash these bags since the candy is mostly sealed - 
So you could just hang up for next year.!

Cute right? My old east painted in my penciled drawing 

And customizable to each child or friend. 

I’ll have more to share tomorrow after our fun filled evening we have planned - stay tuned. 

Happy Crafting friends


Friday, October 12, 2018

New Halloween to share

Hey ya’ll just wanted to pop In and share these super fun Halloween goodies I’ll be taking to my show in 2 weeks 

Can you handle it? The best part is they easily make a cute vignette for any room in your house 🎃

Stay tuned for more previews 


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Hey Welcome back

Well Hello

Thanks for being here even though I haven’t been. You know that thing called life - well it seems to always get in the way - 

Anyway today I wanted to share a fun new tutorial - at least new from me 

I’m calling this a mini accordion style album 

I made a step by step photo tutorial - with all the details attached! 

For this album I used the Metropolitan Girl paper kit by Carte Bella 

If you happen to make one tag me and let me see how yours came out if you need help send me a message 

Happy Scrapbooking friends.