Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Needing A change....

Usually I do a spring cleaning but hardly ever have done a end of summer cleaning. But as you can see by the before photos below our computer table was an absolute mess...

Plus I was kind of over the vintage floral paintings. Not "throw away" over just tired of looking at them over. Plus look how clumsy everything is put away. Just MEsSY!  So here's what I did --- I took down all the paintings and added some artwork I had done awhile back! The larger canvas was something I made a few months ago...the arrows I made last year for a show i did that didn't sell... Lucky for me! 

The sunshine canvas I painted on Monday, so I can add to this wall! The Moon canvas I bought at the Walmart last year and I have moved it all over my house, the C I bought from Tuesday morning 5.99 and perfectly matched my color scheme, the Happiness sign is also from Tuesday morning and finally the white frame holds a photo I absolutely love of my husband and all 5 of our kids at the beach... Looking at that photo makes my heart happy!!! 

For the desk top I just bought some simple green baskets - 2 round baskets & 2'rectngl-ish baskets 1 round basket is for our pens and scissors and the other is the perfect size to hold our bills, then the rectangle ones holds our stapler and thank you cards while the other holds little paper clips and misc desk supplies - best part was that the basket were only 2.00 total for 4 - could it get any better then that😊 and my goodness doesn't it look cleaner and less cluttered? I am super happy! Less then 10.00 for a total desk area make-over!!!

Love projects like that. 

Here's to your up and coming make-overs! 



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