Tuesday, September 22, 2015

May the force be with you

Not sure if you are as crazy excited about the new Star Wars Movie coming out in December. But I can hardly wait. I love all the Star Wars movies out so far and I think more than anything it just makes me nostalgic - you know being a kid again anticipating a movie and even more excited to share it with my kids.
 Although to be truthful the whole Darth Vader and Yoda thing is lost on them.
Even Target is getting in on the Star Wars fun.

I even decided to get crafty with the whole idea and made a fun chipboard scrapbook
How cool is this?

Used O-wires for the binding and some Star Wars papers I bought 2 years ago!!!

Gotta love me some YODA

It's not all about YODA but sure appears to be by the photos I have posted.
Even snuck a little bit of Washi Tape

Oh and then we can't forget about the beloved scrapbook page...
Love for the Storm Trooper
With a little bit of the new guys thrown in....

So yeah, feeling a little love for the whole Star Wars franchise.
Here's hoping you are getting some crafting done this week...
May the Crafting Force be with you all!
I will be listing this in my ETSY SHOP - in case you just have to have them {wink wink}

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