Thursday, September 10, 2015

This time of year

I get to feeling seriously Claustrophobic like the walls of my house are closing in on me. Why? You maybe wondering (if you could careless imma tell you anyway😃) I am busily preparing for my upcoming October show...I have been doing it every year for 4 years...I love doing it! But it's a lot of work. I mean I could do the easy thing and just keep making the same old stuff but I have the most amazing customers that keep visiting me year after year and well I want to give them something special and something really different each year so I go crazy a bit! 

So my living room is a disaster with all my junk putting the finishing touches on my goodies -here's some of what I have done so far...

I have Dia de Los muertos covered


And some miscellaneous pointed canvases....

As you can see as a crafter who has some ADD I have various projects going at once which has me pulling out so many different mediums to use on these projects and well eventually it all starts to pile up and then the panic sets in. 

So now I'm off to clean up my living room - happy crafting!!!


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