Monday, September 28, 2015

Hello FALL?

Living in Southern California it gets hot out here, like days of OVER 100' degrees hot, sometimes weeks at 90'+ so when September rolls around I hope for some cooler weather and if I am lucky I will get around 2-3 days of cooler morning and maybe hitting around 85' later in the day. And just when you think perhaps FALL weather is here sooner then later, the heat comes creepy back. UGH! This happens every year and every year I get suckered and reminded that "Hey you, you live in SOCAL remember?"
To be totally honest it doesn't get cooler until right around Halloween but I am already itching for it so much so that I have FALL & all the coolness included on my BRAIN - like this fun little paper bag album that I just finished...
Something about FALL just yells out coziness!

The darker nights the cool breezes...

The pumpkin and mulled cider scents
The fireplace blazing with burning wood

The changing of the leaves (not so much here in SoCal)

And all of it leading up to Thanksgiving and the family eating till we are stuft and rolling around on the couch, good times and so much to look forward to this FALL.
Anyway, here is wishing you all cooler weather and fun times to look forward to.
Happy Crafting.
I will be listing this in my ebay shop

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