Thursday, May 31, 2012

The one about Mosaics

I have always had a fondness for mosaics and especially the really lovely ones that have a
wonderful pattern and look like something cool...well years ago I bought this bunch of broken dishes and
tiles at a yard sale for like 2 bucks and they sat for years
so Wednesday night I decided
to make I took this old bird bath (with the hubbs help)

and added some broken plates and tile pieces all over the base
and then added some fun birds I created in my pottery class
here is an up close shot....just needs some grout

then I went a little crazy and added some tiles to a fence post -
I thought it needed some colors - besides I think this will look cool in my

and since I still had more tiles & plate parts I took and old window frame
and added some to that too - can you see my backyard already...
just gleaming with funky artwork...can't wait.

lovin' it!----and as you can see I STILL have more tiles left over---eeks
but look how pretty I made all these drab-ho hum things that were laying
untouched all over my yard....LOVE-see I was right can never leave well enough alone....

so now the grout and then perfection! You got any cool projects you are working on?
I would love to stop by and see them. Have a great weekend in case I don't see you.

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Basement Stamper said...

Wow, you have so much creative energy! Love what you did with the bird bath! Definitely show pictures after you have grouted everything.