Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Project Life

I love the idea of project life. I mean afterall, I love scrapbooking so if I can find an easy way to get it done, I'll take it. I still scrapbook in the traditional 12 x 12 way but I like to get it done quick especially when I am documenting alot of time at once. 

I am sharing this today because I have all the project life things to make my pages look fantastic. But, because I am more interested in the photos I usually only add stickers or embellishments to some of the photos. 

See - some letter stickers and a heart on a couple of photos in this spread

on this spread I added some fun embellishments to the photos and just used a journaling card to put down the dates of all our activities.

I mean really on this spread I only used some of my own hand writing and thats it.

Nothing fancy because I want the photos to show all the fun we had then.

On this day I added more journaling cards and a few accents and more handwritten comments...Thats the beauty of project life, you can do alot or a little to your spreads - there is no right way. LOVE that.

If you have had reservations on starting your project life album - I say run dont walk to get your supplies. You dont need much really - perhaps even do your layouts in month order - so just one accent like a sticker title of the month and then photos of all the things you did that month. 

By the way, in case you are wondering, I do add the dates to the back of the photographs and sometimes I will add where the photo is taken just for my memory in case I am interested in the details at a later date!

Ok, happy scrapbooking...remember it doesn't have to be fancy just get it done - your memories are worth documenting. 

Happy Tuesday

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