Friday, February 5, 2016

Floor Cloth

When was the last time you painted? If you are,like me - you are probably always changing things up and paint is the easiest way to change things up. A year ago, I bought some floor cloth from Lowes and I just picked a pack - there were different sizes and I assumed I would use them on the floor when I painted anything - but when I took this stuff out of the package it was like the most amazing fabric ever...had a heavy weight and a cool burlapy color to it...instant LOvE! I bought more and made table cloths for my tables that I use at craft shows and had extra so I made curtains for my kitchen 

Sorry for the terrible shot...then recently I made some pillows - yup! I made a pocket pillow out of the fabric

Neat right? So I am a SUCkER for husband hates it but I think my front doors need a little something. I seem to make them out of so many different types of items, yarn, mesh and well why not floor cloth? 

I had a large piece and just cut slits down the length and just tore it all the way down...and tied them around - wait for it- an embroidery hoop the 12 inch kind...genius right? Heehee... And this is what I came out with

There it is - next to the pillow so you can see that I actually used the same stuff...not that you doubted me but isn't this stuff amazing? 

I also used a couple of 1.00 target dollar spot items I bought a few weeks ago to add to the finished product...and here is the final set of wreaths already placed on my front door.

Here is the full view...

So run don't walk to Lowes to grab yourself this amazing fabric at the most reasonable price ever and this stuff is so flexible you could dye it, make ruffles and frame a table cloth from it or use it as an actual painting drop cloth and see what beautiful designs you create after some paint falls onto it - imagine the possibilities! 

What Valentine's Day projects are you getting done? 

Happy crafting 

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