Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Crafty Goal

This year I made some different goals, I mean I made the typical goals or resolutions but I also made some goals for my business and my crafting hobby. One of the Goals I had was to learn to weave. I have seen so many beautiful pieces of wovem art on instagram and fell in love from afar. I didn't look on youtube for viedoas on how to start - I just decided to use what I had and figure it out.

I had a bunch of different thicknesses of yarn in my studio and some large embroidery hoops - The only thing I bought was some turquoise yarn becuase I wanted it to go well with my kitchen decor. 

These are the steps that I took to do my woven hoop. I used gray yarn to make the vertical lines and sandwhiched them between the 2 hoops then tightened the hoops shut then I used that same yarn to wrap the entire outer portion of the hoop - to cover up the wood. 

Then I wove the yarn in and out of the vertical pieces and varied the colors to my liking - I didn't
make it too difficult. 

This close up shows all the different thicknesses of yarn I used. That first row of gray yarn and that second row of gray are the same yarn I just Doubled the yarn up and looped that through the vertical pieces tp create a thicker feel to the whole weaving. I did the same for the turquoise yarn. I have to tell you that I fell in love with that color of turquoise and want to add it to every inch of my house...hahaha silly but that color really makes me happy.

I finished the piece off with some extra lengths of yarn around the bottom so they can dangle and flow. 

Here it is in my kitchen arranged amongst all my other wall art. 

I absolutely love it. I would like to learn to do it right, and perhaps maybe I will take a class but for today, I can check another goal off my list and am totally satisfied with how it came out. To be perfectly honest - it took a little longer then I would have hoped - I have little patience but that is another thing on my goal list to work on. More patience. Do you know of a good way to "get" more patience? Can I buy some? 

Here's to hoping you are getting your goals and resolutions accomplished this year. 

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