Tuesday, January 5, 2016

quick make-over

This is a quick an easy fix to a minor hiccup - My husband know how much I love list making and keeping planners so he made a sweet gesture when he brought home this little calendar.

a bit to plumber-ish (Call Webster's I just made up a new word) 

I mean if I was an ordinary girl I would just leave it like it is and just write in it...but I am far from ordinary!!!!

So like real fast I created a new cover for it a bit more MY style.

Used some basic 

N I didn't use sheets for this but you know that insert that comes wedged between sheets and pillow cases? Well that is what I used it was already creased so I just had to cut it down and use the cardboard.

made the appropriate marks to cut down the cardboard.

in the photo above you see the piece in the middle the fold or the spine, well I cut that right down the center on both sides and laid it down in the center of the paper and added adhesive and did the same for the front - you can see in this photo the tape lines on the left side of the cover...

here it is - WAY BETTER like 100% - but please dont look to closely or you will notice that I cut it a bit shorter on one side then the other.

But isn't my husband sweet? I mean he tried and if you think sbout it he knows me - he knew I would like a calendar and Best of all he knew I could do something with it! Gotta Love a guy who tries!

Here's to your quick make-overs and the luck of having a hubsnad who knows you!

BTW - I am using this little calendar to keep track of my food intake - ugh!!! what a terrible subject to keep track, wouldn't you say!

Happy Crafting

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