Saturday, January 2, 2016


HappyNew year to you - so I wanted to post on January 1st to start off the new year right and looks like I made it in the nic of time - well I started before midnight anyway,

I am feeling especially motivated today - I have been super excited and eager to get started on planning and thinking ahead to this New Year. Like really stoked. I bought a bunch of new supplies to get myself organized and am organizing my supplies just to prep for the YEAR! 

Along with planning for the new year I was trying hard to think of MY WORD for this year and I came up with one by accident - it's PURPOSE or more precise it's to do with PUrPOSE.

              Photo credit/my husband 

We took our kids to the beach today, we have been doing that for the past 4 years and today as per norm the day was lovely! It was around 63 degrees and no wind and the sun, as per norm, was hot and bright. Quite glorious I would say!  I took it all in and was truly in awe of what GOD created. I mean look at the photo above. Shear beauty!

                Photo credit/me

Ok back to my WORD - so the idea or premise is to Live with purpose to do all things with purpose and give it my all, live in the now. 

I make resolutions every year and I always without fail kind of fizzle out and push them aside!!! I hate quitters and well that would push me to the leader of quitters with that attitude. 

This year will be different! I am holding myself accountable and have this crazy surge in me to make all my plans WORK! 

I have so much to be thankful for and I want to pay it forward! This is a great year to start some good habits and keep track of my stats! 

I sure hope you had a fun New Years Eve, I hope you spent it with your love and that you are able to move past last years mistakes and give your self permission to start new.

Happy Nee Year - much love


Ps - my craftiness is in overdrive have so much to share! Stay tuned 


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