Thursday, March 7, 2013

A challenge

Like many of you I am enamored of the incredible Mr. Tim Holtz...I have a small hoard collection of his embellishments, paints, papers - oh you name it I've got it (and bad) I keep thinking that if I have and use his stuff my end product will be JUST as magnificent as his (Highly unlikely) a girl can hope right?
So recently TIM put out a challenge.
a tattered florals challenge to be exact...(here's his photo) beautiful right?
He has a tutorials for all those that haven't tried playing with these yet and he shows you how to make these flowers in that there photo...O.K. so lucky for me I have this die and have used it in the past to make some fun wearable floral pins but I also made some that I cut with grunge paper and covered with some of his scrapbook paper that I just happened to have found in my stash....
then I layered a few (like below) I cut some fabric
to add in between flowers and some felt

I made a few and added them to this very cool frame I found at Michaels (I sprayed it blue) and instead using it as a frame I added some metal plating to make a fun MAGNET BOARD.

Here is a full shot of the board - pretty cool right?

up close and cool-ness

Here is a shot of the whole board again, I forgot to mention that I added a mini decorated clothes pin up in the corner to add an additional functional accent - to hold up a note or a photo. Isn't this a neat idea? toot - toot...(my own horn)
Love me something cute and functional...I am linking this up to the following challenges:
happy crafting, xo


tamdoll said...

I love those flowers! I think they came out great. I'm kind of jealous, since I started working, even though it's only part-time, I hardly have time to craft. What kind of die-cutter are you using? Just wondering.

Alison said...

These flowers are lovely Tina! Some fab crafty makes from you this year!
Have a wonderful weekend,
Alison xx